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Belgium is at the Crossroads of Europe - which makes it a central place for Western Europe Travel. Its location, between France, Germany and the Netherlands guarantees numerous and travel opportunities from and to cities like Amsterdam, Paris, London, Cologne and Luxembourg.


Check out: Romantic Amsterdam Weekend Getaways - our sister website "Romantic Vacations & Destinations" for a list of Top 10 Romantic Ideas and Things to do in Amsterdam, Romantic Restaurants and hotels in Amsterdam.

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And ... there is of course ... Paris

Paris is an amazing city. We have all heard the sayings "The city of love" "The most romantic city in the world" "The city of lights", well after visiting this city and experiencing it first hand, I can tell you that it is all true.

Access from Antwerp to Paris and from Paris to Antwerp is fast and simple. With the Thalys - its only 2 hours and 31 minutes direct connection.


London Tourism
These days London is close enough for a weekend or even a day trip. With flights to London or the Eurostar Antwerp to London (St. Pancras) trip (1h51m prices starting from € 40).

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So you'll find the insider knowledge of someone who actually lives there, knows the area inside and out, and offers fresh travel information and vacation ideas based on their own experiences.

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