Traditional Belgian recipes for Eel in green

Traditional Belgian Recipese for eel is a typical Antwerpian dish. Even though you’ll find other opinions on the web, this is from the Antwerp region. In the old days you had lots of eel in the Scheldt in Antwerp. Now these days, not anymore and that’s the reason even Belgiums think it’s from Temse (Tamise).>

Belgium recipes : Eel in green

200 grams of eel
100 grams of cervil
100 grams of parsley
100 grams of spinach
100 grams of sorrel
Lemon juice
White wine

Belgium recipes:
• Pour 1 cup of white wine and 0.42 cups water in a saucepan.
• Add sliced shallots, thyme, laurel, salt and pepper.
• Insert the eel and let it soak for about 10 minutes.
• Withdraw the eel and boil the rest down to half.
• Add one spoon cream, green herbs, a drop of lemon juice and one spoon of fresh butter.
• Replace the eel again in this newly obtained sauce and let it cool down.

The next day you can eat one of the most tasty dishes.

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