Boat tours Antwerp

Flandria tours Antwerp.

Various pleasant and affordable boat trips along Antwerp's waterways are an ideal way of getting a completely different view of Antwerp from the river Scheldt.

Several programs are available. There are 50-minute trips, disembarking from the Steenplein, near the Steen museum at the end of the Suikerrui. There is also a candlelit cruise with dinner on selected days.


"It's a tour on a boat that brings you around the harbour. We did it with our parents and it's very interesting. Advice people to do it on a friday so you see the most activity and all the people work, I could watch them work all day, but the tour is about 2 hours. Try it."

                                            Mark M.

Most trips start from the pontoon by the Steen. However, visits to the port depart from Quay 13 (Londenbrug or London Bridge - Little Island). A special bus travels backwards and forwards between the Steen and Londenbrug.

You do need to make a reservation in good time for evening and day trips.This boat tour company is open all the way through the spring to autumn season.

Rederij Flandria
B-2000 Antwerp
Phone: +32 3 231 3100

Nearest Train: Bus: 6 & 34

Boattrip on the Scheldt (50 minutes)
Adults: 7,50 €
Children, 65+, disabled people: 6 €
Groups: 6 €

Departure: Steenplein

Harbour tour (2 hours)
Adults: 12 €
Children, 65+, disabled people: 10 €
Groups: 10 €

Departure: Kaai 14 - Londenbrug - Londenstraat

Candlelight Cruise (3 hours)
Adults: 69 €
65+, disabled people, groups: 66 €

Departure: Kaai 14 - Londenbrug


Flandria also does one-day trips to various tourist destinations.

There is also the ‘Sint-Annekensboot’ service that will ferry you to the Left Bank.

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