Top 10 tourist attractions in Belgium:

There are many tourist attractions in Belgium. Although small in size, Belgium has big influence in Europe as the hub of the European Union in Brussels, its capital city. Brussels, the Belgian capital, where most journeys through Belgium begin, has enough to keep a tourist occupied for a week.

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There are many places of interest to visit for their inherent cultural value, historical significance, natural or built beauty, or amusement opportunities.

Belgium is dotted with heritage sites, architectural treasures and fabulous things to visit. Select a destination in Belgium to explore its top rated tourist attractions and find out more about the most famous tourist attractions in Belgium.

Top 6 tourist attractions in Belgium to visit

  1. Antwerp Belgium is one the most popular tourist attractions in Belgium. Here you will find the Top 10 things to see in Antwerp.
  2. Brussels is the capital of Belgium and the administrative centre of the European Union. Belgium capital is the city of food, café culture, Art Nouveau and the surreal.
  3. Bruges is Belgium's most popular destination and one of Western Europe's most visited medieval cities.
  4. Waterloo is one of Belgium's main tourist attractions, with hundreds of thousands visitors coming each year to look over the plains from the Lion of Waterloo.
  5. The other 2 classic tourist attractions in Belgium are Ghent and Leuven.

Top 3 attractions in Belgium to taste

Food and drink are a big part of any visit to Belgium here are the 3 things that have to be tried to make your trip complete.

  1. Belgian Chocolate
  2. No where in the world will find such variety of chocolate pralines

  3. Belgian Waffle
  4. The Belgian waffle is world famous. It is lighter, thicker, and crispier than standard waffles and is often served with ice cream or whipped cream and fresh strawberries, as a dessert

  5. Belgian Beer
  6. No country in the world boast a brewing tradition as rich an diverse. And no where will you find the quantity and quality of beers as is offered in Belgium

There are Cinemas, Shopping, hotels and more top Belgium Attractions in the Central Station Area. South and southwest of the central station is a district interesting from an ethnic and cultural perspective.

Antwerp has the largest Jewish Orthodox population (50,000 people) in Europe. You know you are there when you see their traditional dress and kosher restaurants.

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