Things to do in Antwerp

Also, no itinerary of Attractions in Belgium is complete with out checking out at least some of Antwerp's Landmarks.

Things to do: Tours

in the Old Town departs hourly from Grote Market

€ 5 from noon April to October.

Old fashioned coach drawn by 2 Brabant horses. Does a 40 minute tour of the old city center

Boat tours
Various pleasant and affordable boat trips along Antwerp's waterways are an ideal way of getting a view of Antwerp from the river Scheldt.

The Pancake Boat (pannenkoekenboot) is a bit hit with kids
Eating pancakes and sailing along the Antwerp skyline.
Every Sunday and Special Holidays
Tickets and information available on board and in dutch on www.

Hourly departures from the Steenplein at 12, 13:30, 15 and 16:30.

Adults: 11.50 €
Children: 9.50 €
Groups of 15 or more: 9.50 €

Antwerp by Bike

In August and September, 'Antwerp by Bike' helps you discover the hidden gems in the green outskirts around the city.

Antwerp by bike is organized by 8 city guiding students. They try to avoid the routes everyone has already taken so instead of the city centre, they take the participants on a tour to enjoy the romantic Scheldt waterfront, the classy 'Zurenborg' area, and the contrasts between the modern Spoor Noord parc, and the old Rivierenhof.

People who want to join are welcome every Saturday and Sunday through August and September, at 1h45pm at the 'Steenplein'. Compared with equivalent tours in other cities, Antwerp by Bike is very cheap: only 12 pp, bike included. If you bring your own bike, you can join for just 5 euro. People can just show at the starting time, no reservation requiered. All the information can be found on Antwerp By Bike

The ‘Ruien’
the newest Off the Beaten Path Belgium attractions in Antwerp.

Open to public only since 2004 it's not for everyone. You can now go underground and visit 2 km of natural ditches connected with the river that would fill up during high tide and become empty during low tide.

The adventure will start with a short underground boat ride. The next 2 hours will be a bit smelly, dark and damp. You walk in some questionable slimy mud - only up to your ankles (in good weather). The guide is in constant contact with their operating center. In case of heavy rain the water might raise 20 – 30 centimeters and you will be making a quick exit.

Things to do Museums


If you are into culture Antwerp has some world class Museums

Antwerp Fashion Museum, Plantin-Moretus Museum and Antwerp Rubens House are just a couple.

Click for must see Antwerp Museums

If you have several Museums on your itinerary check out the Antwerp Museum Card

Things to do with kids

Aquatopia, Antwerp’s aquarium, is a two-floor adventure through various water environments found throughout the world. This brand new complex has 35 aquariums featuring a fascinating collection of exotic fish and animals in their natural biotope. Sharks, piranhas, stingrays and octopuses.

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Antwerp Walks

If you are not into guided tours and prefer to go at your own pace - let me share with you some of our favorite walks. For more options try Antwerp Tours & Walks

The Cogels Osylei & Zurenborg Walk is going to show you the most splendid houses in Antwerp. Magnificent Architecture of the late 19th century!

bootje Let me introduce you to my favorite walk - The Southern Walk – 2 hours . I’ve done it many times with friends and out of town visitors. I have had time to make small alternations based on the positive feedback I received over the years. This walk includes Top 10 of Antwerp, like the Fine Arts Museum, but it’s more focused on more subtle highlights.


St. Anna Tunnel
Not on the typical sightseeing itinerary.

One of the most easily overlooked Antwerp, Belgium attractions are the St. Anna Tunnel and the left bank. Not on the typical sightseeing itinerary. This 572 meter unique pedestrian passageway was built underneath the Scheldt in 1931-1933 to link the old centre with the left bank (Linkeroever).

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