RESTAURANTS Antwerpen On a Budget

By Budget Restaurants Antwerpen we mean 20-25 Euro including a drink, so although not exactly cheap they are affordable for what they offer.

We do not specifically mention Belgian fast food like Mc Donald or Quick ( the Belgian version of Mc Donald). We figured that take-out pita bars or equivalent you can easily spot yourself.

Some worth to mention are ethnic budget venes in the Central station area in front of the UGC movie theater. There you can pick up some decent middle eastern cuisine for under 8 euro.

The Budget Restaurants we list below are friendly places with a good quality value ratio - No plastic plates or paper cups. They might not be the cheapest way to feed yourself but the prices are fair and should not break your budget.


This Budget Restaurants has all you can eat spare ribs or Gamba’s (Shrimps). And all this on the Groete Markt!

An amazing view is often an indication of mediocre food, inflated prices and poor service. Absolutely not true in this case - we have been many times and loved it each time.

The staff is very friendly - although sometimes there are not enough waiters to take care of the large crowds.

It's perfect for having a beer on the outside terrace - do try astrong, dark beer like the Kaiser Karel (also known as Charles Quint). Charles Quint is produced by the Haacht Brewery, (Boortmeerbeek, north east of of Brussels). Although one of the larger Abbey Breweries Haacht is proud of their history and traditional brewing methods. They have been brewing since 1898 and are now the third largest Pilsner brewery.

If it is too crowded try the second floor for an even better view, you can watch the City Hall and tourist congregating around the Brabo fountain in the middle of the square.

District: Old Town Grote Markt, 2000 Antwerp


This is another one of Antwerp's remarkable Budget Restaurants - this one is famous for its spare ribs

The authentic kitsch interior makes me laugh every time I come here. It’s a lot of fun. This restaurant is located in an old glass factory - there is still a lot of colorful glass in the interior.

Best ribs in town: All you can eat ribs, baked potatoes and salad.

if you don't fany ribs other dishes are available too.

Budget 25 EUR

District: Old Town 
Sint-Paulusplaats 20 

REstaurants Antwerpen: PASTA (WINE BAR)

An Italian restaurant with a french flair. This is also my favorite wine bar - fantastic selection of international wines. The house is gorgeous and the inside is spacious with great wooden tables.

We often go here on Sunday afternoon - when there is a Jazz band playing. They have a huge selection of wine. You can help your self to the wines - an AI computer keeps track of all you consumption.

Did I already mention they have extremely nice and creative tapas?

District: Old Town

Budget: 20 EUR

Oude Koornmarkt 32 
2000 Antwerpen
+32/ (0)3 - 233.17.76

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