Antwerp Public Transportation

Antwerp's convenient and dense Public transportation network is operated by "De Lijn" (tel: (03) 218 1411; website: A regular and efficient bus and tram system serves the city and its suburbs.

The metro system is open 6:30 AM-midnight. Stations are marked by large arrows indicating the entrances.

12 Tram Lines in Antwerp

2 Hoboken-Linkeroever GREEN
3 Merksem-Zwijndrecht YELLOW
4 Hoboken-St. Pietersvliet LIGHT BLUE
5 Wim Saerensplein - Linkerover BROWN
6 Olympiade - Luchtbal (FUSHIA)
7 Mortsel-St. Pietersvliet DARK BLUE
8 Eksterlaar-Lambermontplaats ORANGE
10 Deurne-Melkmarkt LIGHT GREEN
11 Eksterlaar-Melkmarkt AQUA
12 Sportpaleis - Bolivarplaats RED
15 Mortsel-Linkeroever LIGHT BROWN
24 Silsburg-Zuidstation PINK

The 2 and the 15 are particularly useful since they run between Groenplaats, the heart of the old town, and the Central station. The Buses dock along Pelikaanstraat (Rooseveltplaats) and in Koningin Astridplein in front of the Central Station.

Trams Lines 2, 3, 5, 6 & 15 run partly underground - this is referred to as the Premetro system. It was planned at the beginning of the 1970s to build a completely underground network with a length by 15 km and 22 stations. However, due to financial difficulties only 11 stations have been built. There’s a city transport information office in the Diamant underground station – they issue free maps of the city transport system and sell tickets including a Dagpass – a 24-hour unlimited city-wide travel card.

You can also buy your tickets at the tourist office, newspaper shops, supermarkets, ticket dispensing machines at the tram/bus stop itself.

Worst case scenario: buy your ticket on the bus/tram directly from the driver - but be prepared to pay extra.

The following rates apply when you take a tram or bus:

(accurate at time of writing - check de Lijn official website for up to date information)

  • A Single ticket: EUR 1.20 / directly from the driver: EUR 1.60. It allows you to use public transportation (buses and trams) for one hour.purchased in advance.
  • 24-hour pass: purchased in advance: EUR 5/ directly from the driver: EUR 6

  • 3 day pass: purchased in advance: EUR 10/ directly from the driver: EUR 12

  • 5-day pass: purchased in advance: EUR 15 / directly from the driver: EUR 18
  • 10-ride card purchased: in advance: EUR 8/ directly from the driver: EUR 11 (can be used for several passengers)
  • A Monthly Pass costs €19.30 for those under 25 years of age, or €24.50 for those between 25 and 64. This can be bought from one of the "De Lijn" shops. It is worth buying a monthly pass only when you use public transportation on a regular and frequent basis.

Antwerp's Public transportation operates on the honor system.
But there are occasional "raids" by teams of inspectors to keep everyone honest. The penalty for riding without a ticket or not having one that's properly validated is 55€, plus the fare for the ride, payable on the spot or within 3 days. This is for a first infraction; subsequent infractions cost more, up to a maximum of 380€. The inspectors don't show up very often but getting caught is not worth the hustle. You'll have to get off the bus, produce your id so the inspectors can take your details and pay the fine - a huge waste of time, money and not a very pleasant experience.

Public transportation Rules:

Validate your ticket by inserting it into the yellow electronic machines that stand inside buses and trams. Though the ticket must be revalidated each time you enter a new vehicle, you are allowed multiple transfers within a 1-hour period of the initial validation, so you can hop on and off trams and buses during that time and only one journey will be canceled by the electronic scanner. If more than one person is traveling on one ticket, the ticket must be validated each time for each traveler.

To stop a tram or bus extend your arm as it approaches the stop - so the driver can see you; if you don't signal, the bus or tram might not stop. Similar to hailing a cab.

A cool thing about the tram stops is that you are provided with a live schedule. (check the picture on top of this page) The red moving light on the screan indicates how many minutes away is the tram. I find this useful when planning which rout to take. ie sometimes a tram is more convenient but if you know you got to wait another 15 minutes before it arrives you might decide to take the bus that is already there. The bright red light are visible from quite a distance - very convenient if you are several meters away and can't make up your mind weather you should run or stroll to the stop.

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