Antwerp Park and Gardens List and details

There are many beautiful parks and green spots in Antwerp. Usually they are not very big but still offer a great spot for to rest from the bustle of the city for kids, visitors and joggers.

Antwerp Stadspark

  • Rubenslei 2000 Antwerp, Belgium.

This triangular green spot is situated between Rubenslei, Van Eycklei and Quinten Matsijslei and in these elegant avenues, named after the famous artists, you'll find some of Antwerp's most exclusive hotels.

Located in the Jewish neighborhood, not far from the Antwerp Central Station it is the largest green spot in the center of Antwerp. During Rosh Hashana (Jewish New Year) you'll find a lot of orthodox Jews praying around the pond. By throwing a piece of bread into the pond, they symbolically drown their sins.

This Antwerp green spot is laid out in English style and you can enjoy numerous walking trails, secluded seating and large lawned areas on all of the 14 hectare (35 acres).

Unfortunately the city green spot is too small to muffle the city noise or hide the view on apartment buildings.

History: When the large fortifications around Antwerp were built between 1860 and 1865, the Spanish fortifications had become redundant. Among those military fortifications was the Fort Herentals. From 1867 to 1869, this fort's triangular domain was converted into a green spot by the Antwerp architect and city council member E. Van Cuyck.

It also features a playground, a large WWI monument, a number of statues and even a WWII bunker. You also find a very wide variety of greenery, from yew trees, American linden and cypresses to a Japanese walnut tree.

Botanical Garden – Plantentuin

The Botanical Garden (Antwerp's Latin Quarter) and its 2 000 noteworthy plants have their origin in the herb garden belonging to the medieval St. Elisabethgasthuis, which is still a hospital today. Today the Plantentuin is home to an interesting selection of botanical specimens, all of which are clearly labelled and categorised for keen enthusiasts and plant lovers alike. The old buildings now house the Elzenveld culture and congress centre.

  • Leopoldstraat 24, Antwerp 2000

Open: daily
Admission: free

King Albertpark,

between Koningin Elisabethlei and Prins Albertlei, 2018 Antwerpen.

This little patch of greenery is next to a busy tram/bus stop which makes it convenient to hop off and take sanctuary from the hustle of city before continuing on our journey. In the fall it is full of children who are racing around picking up fallen chestnuts.

Hof van Leysen

  • Markgravelei 2018 Antwerp

A small city green spot that has more the characteristics of a big city garden.

 This Eve's garden is a green oasis for children to play and for adults to relax. Located in the middle of an old part of the city of Antwerp, here is where you can enjoy nature and a special 'couleur locale.

  • Te Boelaarpark
    Jozef Verbovenlei, Gitschotellei, Karel De Preterlei, Joos Robijnslei
    2140 Borgerhout
  • Municipal Parc “Brilschans”
    Grotesteenweg 2600 Berchem
  • Leeuwerikpark
    2600 Berchem
  • Domain Hertoghe
    Markgravelei 2018 Antwerp

The Nachtegalenpark

The Nachtegalenpark, with the Vogelenzang, Den Brandt and Middelheim, totals 90 hacters of green land just to the south of the city.

Den Brandt and castle Den Brandt

  • Acacialaan 2610 Wilrijk

This 14th Century estate evolved as a 'garden of pleasure' for the nobles and later on to a castle, as was the case with Middelheim.

Grounds and castle are now owned by the city. The 'dancing nymphs' statue in front of the castle is the favorite spot for photo calls at weddings.

German general’s bunker (WWII) rearranged as a museum.
Bunker Museum Den Brandt, Acacialaan 2610 Wilrijk, a German general’s bunker (WWII) rearranged as a museum.


The Middelheim green spot contains an open air sculpture museum with a collection of more than 300 works of art. In 1950, an international open air sculpture exhibition was held here. The success of the exhibition, with more than 150 sculptures on display, gave the mayor Craeybeckx the idea of a permanent exhibition. The Vogelenzang with its lawns, a playground and a small animal farm is a well-visited family attraction. If you want to visit historical and modern theme gardens such as the Dodoens and Rubens garden, you have to go to Hortiflora.

  • Vogelzang, Middelheim and Den Brandt were the private property of a few noble families.

They came to relax in the 'gardens of plaisance'. The city of Antwerp bought the grounds in 1910 and opened them to the general public.

Kielpark - - Urban Renewal Project

The green spot is virtually the only significant green space in this district. Here you will find opportunities for organized sports and bicycle paths.

The playground will be expanded to a full game environment for all ages, coupled with a catering operation. This project is created using financial aid from the European Union (Urban II).

  • Sint-Bernardese-steenweg 2020 Antwerp

Provincial Groendomein Riverenhof

The biggest green area in the whole of the Antwerp, the Rivierenhof has become an invaluable recreational space in the Deurne area of the city. The many highlights include plenty of seasonal flowers, such as azaleas, camellias and roses, along with a well-equipped playground for children and various outdoor concerts, which are performed at a large amphitheatre.

  • Turnhoutsebaan 232, 2100 Deurne

Open: daily - 06:00 to 23:00
Admission: free

Schranshoeve Sprookjeshuis (Provincial Park)

The Schranshoeve Sprookjeshuis has become a popular attraction for families with young children staying in Antwerp and features an informative education centre, where it is possible to learn a little more about the surrounding flora and fauna. Located alongside the popular Rivierenhof, children's will also enjoy visiting the small petting farm onsite and its friendly animals. Very popular with our toddler.

  • Ruggeveldlaan 99, Antwerp 2100, Belgium.

Open: daily
Admission: free

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