Museum aan de Stroom

The Museum aan de Stroom (fondly called MAS), a new Antwerp, Belgium museum, opened in 2011. The MAS museum is nestled neatly between Willem dock and Bonaparte dock in Antwerp, bridging the gap between the old world port, and the new city port. This is an ideal location to explore the history of Antwerp as a maritime center as well as enjoy all the sights, sounds, and flavors the region has to offer.

Life & DEath, Power and Open Storage

belgium museum mas antwerp undulating glass stacked-up boxes

 wavy ribbons of glass

 red Indian sandstone

Made from towering red sandstone and glass, the visual impact both from the interior and from the exterior is impressive.  Looking a great deal like huge gift boxes stacked atop each other (36 meters by 24 meters each), the styling of the MAS makes the visitor want to “open” each box and peer inside. The remarkableness of this architecture doesn’t stop on the inside, which has been designed to offer panoramic views of the nearby river and city from every level of the building. 

Imagine if you will a building large enough to house gifts from benefactors and collectors – over 470,000 of them. 

MAS antwerp maritime museum new antwerp museum new belgium museum mas belgium museum mas antwerp belgium museum

Far more than just an extraordinary museum, the MAS offers visitors far more than displays. There are meeting rooms, a glass construction that provides panoramic views all around the city and port, theStorm Café that provides healthy seasonal menus,the ‘t Zilte restaurant and hall – the highest restaurant in Antwerp and four museum extensions (pavilions) that include an international gift shop.

new mas antwerp belgium museum top belgium museum antwerp jacht harbour antwerp yacht harbour

One of the most recent acquisitions of the MAS museum in Antwerp is a collection of Columbian items. Gathered by Paul and Dora Janssesn-Art, it includes everything from pieces of jade and gold to textiles. Like the other exhibits in the MAS, this collection has been carefully set out to give visitors the most sensory input. The staging combines with music and creates the feel of a distinct play or movie at each stop in your tour.

antwerp jacht harbor antwerp yacht harbor yacht harbour museum new mas antwerp antwerp mas antwerpen mas about antwerp mas antwerpen mas museum antwerpen new mas impressive building about Antwerp in the world Masterpieces in the MAS
explore the MAS Opening hours
Mon. closed

Tue - Fri: 09:30-22:00
(last entrance: 21:30)

Sat - Sun: 09:30-22:00
(last entrance: 21:30)


Mon. closed
Tue- Fri : 10:00-17:00
(last tickets:16:00)
Thu evenings: 17:00-21:00
(only one theme)
Sat - Sun: 10:00-17:00
(last tickets: 16:00)
Last tickets 1h before

closing time of the museum rooms

visual storage MAS BOULEVARD

The names of each gallery reflect a creative flair. The life and death gallery tour begins in blackness, while the Power room blazes with bright red hues. 

The museum’s permanent displays are on the fourth and 8th level, complete with post-tour learning centers.

Antwerps new museum maritime belgium museum

For the lover of tall ships and the sea there’s also a World Port exhibit complete with a huge table filled with model ships from all over the world.

antwerp Museum aan de Stroom Museum aan de Stroom belgium newest museum antwerp Neutelings Riedijk antwerp river museum belgium river museum river museum Schedlt museum antwerp Schedlt museum belgium Schedlt museum belgium museum1 belgium museum2 belgium museum3 belgium museum4 belgium museum5 new belgium museum6 belgium museum7 mas antwerp belgium museum8 belgium museum9 belgium Schedlt museum10

belgium maritime museum antwerp maritime museum maritime antwerp museum Stroom museum antwerp Stroom museum belgium Stroom antwerp museum
Power belgium museum stroom museum 2nd floor mas museum belgium museum Power belgium museum14 belgium museum15


belgium museum16 belgium fine arts belgium museum17 belgium museum18 fine arts collection belgium fine arts museum museum in belgium river museum in antwerp river museum2 between the infinate and the insignificant antwerps 3 museums rubens mas belgium museum coins belgium museums coins 2 fine arts museum port museum belgium fine arts collection0 

fine arts collection1

 fine arts collection2 

fine arts collection3

 fine arts collection4 

fine arts collection5 

fine arts collection6 

fine arts collection7 

fine arts collection8 

fine arts collection9 


Stroom belgium museum belgium visible storage belgium visible storage1


On the 2nd floor
the Belgium museum's “visible store” (also sometimes called open storage) is there to greet you. This depot,  has pull-out racks for 180,000 items. This particular exhibit celebrates Antwerp’s history and the early donors to the museum. The overall result is a display that truly tells a story and encourages onlookers to treasure the bits of history here, and those they may stumble over in the future.

belgium visible storage2 belgium visible storage3 belgium visible storage4 belgium visible storage5 antwerp visible storage antwerp visible storage1 antwerp visible storage2 museum visible storage harbour antwerp museum new port museum 

new museum in belgium2 

antwerp belgium museum2
interactive media 

interactive belgium museum

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