Michelin Star Guide

So what do those Michelin Star (s) actually mean? What can you expect and how much will you pay in a Star restaurant in Antwerp?

What is a Star?

1 Star: A very good restaurant in its category.

The star shows excellent quality. Even though restaurants with this qualification are not cheap, they are often the best price/quality in haute cuisine. Expect to pay up to 100 EURO a person. I think that’s reasonable as you can easily find regular restaurants that are still charging 70 – 80 € a person for a lot less quality.

2 Stars: Excellent cooking, worth a detour.

The stars show an excellent cuisine, special preparations and the availability of exquisite wines you mostly don’t want to pay for.

Expect to pay more then 150 EURO a person.

3 Stars: Exceptional cuisine, worth a special journey.

Extraordinary cooking by the most celebrated chefs of the world combined with the possibility to order the most famous wines. The few times I visited a restaurant like this, I was always surprised by the amount of staff they have. One person to serve you sugar cubes, one to server you water, one to pull out your chair and another’s sole responsibility is to point you in the right direction when you want to use the restroom … This can’t be cheap!

Expect to pay more then 200 EURO a person and watch out with what you order from the wine list. The house wine will usually already exceed your expectations.

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