Previously a 2 Michelin Star restaurant:

Sir Anthony van Dyck

I don’t know what to write about a restaurant ( a Michelin Star restaurant in the past) that has been more reviewed then any other one in Antwerp.

Should I tell that it was once dotted with 2 Michelin stars? Should I write about the near by birth place of the famous painter Antony van Dyck? Now hosting an ice cream tavern also run by the same Chef, Marc Paesbrugghe?

We went last week and were not too excited when we returned home. Oh yes, it’s still good! But the real finesse left with the stars.

Sometimes you still see a glimpse of the genius of the chef. We all know that he can do it. But he chose for an easier way to do his business. It’s not that Anthony van Dyck lost its 2 Michelin stars. One day, Chef Paesbrugghe (also the owner) had enough from the strict corset of the Red Guide and decided to go his own way.

In Belgium,Michelin star restaurants experience hard times these days with the cost of labor being extremely expensive.

Star restaurants need excess staff - This is where Marc Paesbrugghe made the first changes and eliminated surplus staff. Second, there are two dinning slots per night instead of the Michelin prescribed single.

I find it an exceptionally nice interior. The staff is friendly and helpful.

Sir Anthony van Dyck is now a relaxed brasserie-restaurant with a commitment to quality dining.

The restaurant has a unique interior - it’s modern, strict and also old and classy. It's situated in the nicest little street of Antwerp. A perfect location in the delightful 16th-century Vlaeykensgang courtyard's plethora of cafes, restaurants, and antique apartments. The building was restored with ample eye for detail, by the famous antique dealer Axel Vervoordt.

Oh yes, always make reservations as this restaurant is always full booked.

Main courses 17€-28€ ($21-$35)

Cuisine: Belgian, Classic French

Oude Koornmarkt (Vlaaikensgang) 16
Tel. :

Mon-Sat noon-1:30pm and 6:30-9:30pm

July: the restaurant will be closed every sunday, monday and on holidays.
August: the restaurant will be closed every sunday and on holidays.

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