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The Michelin Guide (Le guide Michelin) is a series of gastronomical guides published by Michelin. Originally only European countries were in the scope but the guide expanded recently to the US and Asia.

The most known guide is the Red Guide, the oldest and most prestigious guide of all that awards the best restaurants with Michelin Stars. Michelin also publishes Green Guides for travel and Tourism.

The Red Guide awards one to three stars to a small number of outstanding restaurants. On an average of 5000 restaurants, only approximately 100 will receive one star or more.

So what do those stars actually mean?
What can you expect and how much will you pay for a Michelin Star restaurant in Antwerp?

First of all! Star restaurants have to follow a subtle law of gastronomy that Michelin prescribes. As far as I know, nobody but Michelin itself knows the exact rules. And they almost never provide feedback on their decision.

Also keep in mind that the Red Guide is not the only one on the market. Gault & Millau is their biggest competitor – who often disagrees with Michelin’s opinions about restaurants.


• Order the house wine in star restaurants. They just can’t afford to sell bad wines here and you’ll be pleasantly surprised by its quality.

• Go for Lunch instead of Dinner. The prices are very reasonable and the food is fantastic.

• Go for the fixed menu- great food combinations and more interesting price.

• Make reservations in advance.

• Don't limit your self. Try a previous Michelin star restaurant

What should you order from the menu? What do the locals eat? Check out our Belgium Food Recipes section to find out !

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