Market Square of Antwerp

The market square of Antwerp is not as big as the 'Grand Place' of Brussels, but definitely as grand is the 'Grote Markt', the market-square-of-Antwerp. One of must see major attractions in Antwerp.

Surrounded by guild houses and the 16th century Stadhuis (City Hall) it's a very impressive sight. Most of these guild houses are replicas of what used to stand here in the 16th century. Although these are not the original structures, it’s still quite impressive.

The market-square-of-Antwerp was the focal point of power during the city's Golden Age. Look around at the beautiful buildings and classical Renaissance style architecture.

Don’t miss:

  • Nr. 5: build by the guild of coopers in 1579.
  • Nr. 7: Sint-Joris, the house of the guild of Archers crowned by the statue of St. George - it’s one of the most gorgeous ones on the square.
  • Nr. 25 used to be a Guest House – now, on its place, stands a reconstruction of a house that used to stand at the Meir.
  • Nr. 24, 38 and 40: are still original and very nicely renovated.
  • Nr. 13 is Antwerp Tourist Information (Stadtladen) and is worth a visit to pick up some brochures and a map.

In front of the City Hall, you’ll find the famous fountain of Brabo. This is the favorite spot for youngsters to meet up after the school holidays.

Since traffic has been banned, it is a very pleasant square and a perfect spot to stop for a Belgian beer. Den Engel at Nr. 3 is a classic favorite with the locals but The Valk at Nr. 11 and 't Genblick at No 12 have the better view.

The Valk is a budget restaurant right on the market square of Antwerp - that has all you can eat spare ribs or Gamba’s (Shrimps).

An amazing view is often an indication of mediocre food, inflated prices and poor service. Absolutely not true in this case - we have been many times and loved it each time.

The staff is very friendly - although sometimes there are not enough waiters to take care of the large crowds.

It's perfect for having a beer on the outside terrace - do try a strong, dark beer like the Kaiser Karel (also known as Charles Quint). Charles Quint is produced by the Haacht Brewery, (Boortmeerbeek, north east of of Brussels). Although one of the larger Abbey Breweries Haacht is proud of their history and traditional brewing methods. They have been brewing since 1898 and are now the third largest Pilsner brewery.

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