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There are usually cheap flights to belgium. When traveling intercontinental, flights are never really cheap. However, I have seen tickets from NYC to Belgium for less than 300 EUR taxes included. Looking around will save you a few hundred EUR if you are traveling with two!

Below I show you the possibilities to travel to Belgium. I can not repeat it enough. Check before you book. It always changes. I even found cheap tickets with the national airlines and once I flew via London which was half price.

Charleroi Airport

The cheapest way to travel to Belgium within Europe is with Ryan air. They fly on Brussels South which is in Charleroi. A city 60 km south of Brussels.

Zaventem Airport

The national airline is SN Brussels. There are always deals to come to this country. Booking way in advance is of course also here a good practice.
This airline flies on Brussels Zaventem. A village 15 km north of Brussels and 35 km south of Antwerp. It is central in the country and all cities are easy to reach from here.

Liege airport

JetairFly (JAF) and belleair (LZ) you can find cheap flights to Liege(Bierset) . Liege is the city 100 km East of Antwerp and Brussels.

Antwerp airport

From the Uk and Germany there are some possibilities to fly to Antwerp with VLM and Air France. I did it a few times and I was lucky to find cheap tickets. The big advantage is that you use a small airport. I left from London city which went very smooth.

Ostend airport

A local airport with some destinations in the UK and the Mediterranean.

But these are not the only options to fly to Belgium. Belgium is a tiny country and when I fly to other continents, I find it often cheaper from Amsterdam, Paris or London. Definitely Paris and Amsterdam are easy to reach via Train (Thalys). But how can this be cheaper? Easy, there is a big competion between the airports in Europe and there for you can find intercontinental flights cheaper in one or another country. The difference is often more then 100 EUR and sometimes a few 100.

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cheap flights to Belgium: The best season to travel

The best season to travel to Belgium is the whole year but july and august. Not that the weather is not good. We always hope it is good, but you will have difficulties to find cheap tickets. Therefor, I`d say, take June or September. You still have a good change on nice weather and you will have plenty of cheap tickets with one of the air carriers.

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