Centrum Antwerpen

There is a plethora of Antwerp attractions in centrum Antwerpen which is the Central Station Area.

Many Belgians and tourists are only familiar with Antwerp's old city but never venture beyond it's core. There are cinemas, shopping, hotels and more attractions in the Central Station Area then you would suspect.

Here is a list of things to do and see in the center of Antwerp. South and southwest of the central station is also a district interesting from an ethnic and cultural perspective.

  1. When you arrive in Antwerp by train, you’ve already done one of the top Belgium attractions. Antwerp Central Station is often referred to as the Rail Road Cathedral of Antwerp. The whole complex is over 400m (1300ft) long and has two entrances, a historic domed building at the Astrid square and a modern atrium at the Kievit square.
  2. Adjoining is a diamond gallery with more than 30 diamond shops and other newly open boutiques. With three levels of tracks and a shopping center this is the place to come for a stroll when it is raining or even on a sunny day. The area has countless jewelry shops and the place is considered as the financial center of the world’s  diamond industry.
  3. When you leave the train station by the historic domed exit that opens to the Astrid square.
  4. To your right is the Antwerp Zoo
  5. Antwerp Diamond Museum is also to the right of the Central Station and next to the Antwerp Zoo.
  6. In front is Aquatopia, Antwerp’s aquarium. A two-floor top Belgium attractions adventure through various water environments found throughout the world.
  7. From the train station you can walk down the Keiserley boulevard type street to the Meir which is famous for it's shopping. However but most of the shops on this busy thoroughfare are international chain stores.
  8. If you want to grab a quick bite go to Statiestraat which is parallel to Keiserley. In the area will find Kelll's Irish Pub, fast food and international cuisines. But don't expect a fine dining experience.
  9.  If you feel like a movie then head to the UGC antwerpen, Antwerp's movie theater UGC. 

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