'T Bootje - The Five Continents


The Five Continents, also known as t'bootje and the de 5 werelddelen were a group of four Art Nouveau buildings located near the Koninklijk Museum voor Schone Kunsten (Royal Museum of Fine Arts).

As many other buildings in the 70's - one of the four was demolished by enthusiastic developers.
The remaining ones are now on the long list of protected monuments in Antwerp.

Address: Plaatssnijdersstraat 1
Schildersstraat 2 & 6
Architect: Frans Smet-Verhas
Build: 1901

The complex was commissioned by the thriving shipbuilder P. Rouis who added a boat to the original design of the architect, F. Smet-Verhas - A hint of Antwerps' maritime past.

The house has characteristic symmetrical shapes, arches and decorative surfaces with curved, plant-like designs and layers of yellow brick, which are typical for Antwerp Art nouveau architecture.


Cool Facts:

• In 1995 A drawing of the Five Continents by the Belgian artist Désiré Roegiest made it on a postal stamp.

• The balcony is exactly modeled on the wooden prow of a sailing ship.

• The Architect Frans Smet-Verhas has signed his "work" in ornate letering

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