The Belgium horse

Belgian horse

The Belgium horse also called Belgian horse, Brabant horse, the Belgian heavy horse or Brabancon is a breed from Belgium. During the Roman time, this horse has already been described. This breed has been used for work, war, mining and work at the farm.

In the old days they pulled carriages and boats. In 1950 there were about 200.000 Belgians in Belgium. In 1980, only 6000 were left. Today, there are about 12000 in the country.

After the second world war theses horses became useless. But the breed has always had its admirers and it is very alive and popular today.


On average they are 1.70 meters at the withers. The biggest is about 2.02 meters high. They are usually more than 1000 kg heavy and the largest and heaviest was 1450 kg heavy.His head is relatively small and the neck is short but very heavy and strong. The legs are short and very muscled.

The tail will be cut shortly. The origin of this habit lays in the fact that when this horse was used as a farm horse, the farmer wanted to avoid that the tail would be stuck in the gear of the carriage. It would make the horse uncontrollable and could injure it badly.

Typical colors are brown, black and fox.


Often thought as being lifeless and uninterested, the Belgian horse is very sensitive for voice and touches. They can be very stubborn but on the other hand they are easy to train and like to work with their owner. They are not very fast afraid and ignore noise. That makes them very usable to work in the streets.

Do not be surprised if you see a Belgian running in the field. It is an amazing sight to see that this heavy weight can run and bock out of pleasure.

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