Belgium Transportation

There are a lot of options when it comes to Belgium transportation. Keep reading to find out how to travel by air, rail, roads and water.

At the bottom of the page -- Belgium Public Transportation : Getting Around Antwerp by bus, tram and car.

Belgium is at the Crossroads of Europe - its location, between France, Germany and the Netherlands guarantees numerous Belgium transportation opportunities from cities like Amsterdam, Paris, London, Cologne and Luxembourg.

Belgium Trains: : For Belgium trains the NMBS/SNCB is the National Railway Company of Belgium. Information for rail travel in, to and from Belgium. But if you are looking into extensive train travel in Belgium, The Netherlands, Luxembourg and France the be a cheaper travel option

Belgium Transportation: Air -- We have 2 major airport in Belgium.

Brussels Airport in Zaventem has assembled 125 low fare destinations with 1650 flights leaving Brussels each week. It is only 40 km from Antwerp city center. It connects us with all the major cities of Europe and the US. Click here for transfer information from the airport to Antwerp.

The second, Brussels South airport is for budget travelto Belgium. The name is very deceiving - Brussels South Airport is not in Brussels and even further from Antwerp. However with flights operated by cheap airlines like EasyJet and Ryanair to multiple destinations - it should not be ignored.

We also have a local Antwerp airport that has good connections with London and Manchester. If you are coming from London or the UK check out Travel from London

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Belgium Transportation By Water:

You could also come by boat. Around 15 to 20 cruise ships dock here every year and this number is increasing. I’ve been told that arriving in The City by boat is one of the most spectacular events and almost as spectacular as arriving here by train.

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Belgium Transportation By Car:
Antwerp is also within easy reach by car. It is at the crossroads of the E17, E19, E34, and E313 motorways. It’s 45 km from Brussels and 50 km Ghent! It takes an hour to get here from Rotterdam and less than 2 hours from Amsterdam.

Take direction Antwerp when coming from:
Brussels: E19
Gent: E17
Hasselt / Liege: (E313)
Holland: E19 (Breda) or A12 (Bergen op Zoom) direction Antwerp.
Turnhout / Eindhoven: (E34)

Check out traffic rules and car rental in Antwerp

Public Belgium Transportation Around Antwerp by bus, tram and car.

There are several modes of transportation available but the best way to discover Antwerp is on foot. Many of the main attractions are within easy walking distance of each other.

By Bus and Tram
Antwerp has a convenient and dense public transit network - A regular and efficient bus and tram system serves the city and its suburbs.Click here for Public transportation details

By Car
There are many one-way roads, that can make it difficult to get to a specific place. Try to park your car as close as possible and go on foot. You might find that parking space in Antwerp can be rare and expensive. But if you plan to travel outside of the city and explore surrounding areas you will find having a car can be quite useful.

Click here if you are looking for a car rental in Antwerp

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