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Belgian elections 2010: alea iacta est! 
The die has been cast! The dust of the gun smoke is gone and a totally new situation has appeared. 

Two Generals

Belgian elections are often surprising! Flanders elected the champion of change. French speaking Belgium elected for a stability champion. The two winners of the past elections, Bart De Wever and Elio Di Rupo are each other’s opposites. They differ on every point that you can imagine. Will this block Belgium even more? Has it become impossible to solve the problems between both communities?

Probably not!

Short after the battle of the Belgian elections, the gun smoke disappears in the air. Unclear issues, lost in the noise of the canons become apparent again. Their meaning is bigger then the sorrow of the losers or the happiness of the winners. 
The vision of both generals is each other’s reverse but this still creates opportunities.

Two new leaders took power in each others camp. They have both the choice. Either they will enhance the trenches and keep fighting from there, taken hostage by their emotions, history and past. They will be king in their federation and seen as the personalization of evil in the other.

Or they understand the historical moment. They understand that it takes courage to bring peace. Piece is not made by friends that fall into each other’s hands. Piece is born out of necessity. Piece is started by two parties that remember why the war started. Previous enemies must be able to create a new vision! They must create a new reality that is not visible yet!

We cannot deny that making such agreements will be difficult. But there is a new unprecedented factor. The responsibility lies by only two people; two generals in their headquarters. The rest of political Belgium has been crushed and defeated. When they, Bart De Wever and Elio Di Rupo will come out their head quarters and shake each others hand, the troops will cheer and yell!

We are not there yet. In history we haven’t had a lot of those occasions. Before we know destructive forces can break up the two parties. 
But we have two strong leaders! It is up to them now and we believe they can and will succeed.

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