Belgium food

What do locals eat? Why is Belgium food and gastronomy so famous?

The secret can be found in its excellent ingredients and creative recipes.

The nicest white asperses, great beer, wonderful chocolate, great grapes, amazing cheeses etc…combined with creativity you won’t find easily elsewhere.

And the desserts! yummy ... Thanks to the miracle of the frozen waffle, mediocre waffles are standard fare in homes across America. But a waffle pulled fresh from a well-seasoned iron, golden and crispy, is another thing altogether. Click here to find Belgium waffle recipe including history and and details of the waffle eating customs.


We present to you a few additional Belgium classics:

Traditional Belgian Recipes for Eel
Belgian Recipes for Mussels
Belgium food - More Fish and Seafood Recipes
Beef Recipes

Long time ago, these were the specialties that could be found in the best restaurants. Now, it’s often seen as ordinary food.

One thing most people, even the Belgium forget is that for quality dishes you need quality ingredients.

All of the following recipes are top recipes and deserve the finest ingredients. When made with lower quality products, you will have average result.

But when the best ingredients are used, you’ll discover that these are gastronomical top dishes.

And here is our picture guide to eating Mussels the Belgian way.

If you have been here for a while you might start to wonder where can you go for Lunch or Brunch in Antwerp? With overwhelming number of bars and cafes, a cozy breakfast place migth be hard to find.

Here are a couple of suggestions for Lunches & Brunches along with what you can expect to find on the typical Belgian menu.

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