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Here are some basic Belgium facts visitors might want to be familiar with.

Belgium cultural heritage is very rich but the nation has simply not been around long enough to acquire the cultural roots to which the label ‘Belgian’ can be attached and made readily identifiable.

Quick Facts

belgium flag

Map of Belgium


Brussels - Population 998,000

30,528 square kilometers
(11,787 square miles)

Dutch, French, German

Roman Catholic, Protestant
Life Expectancy

GDP Per Capita
U.S. $29,200

Literacy Percent

The Kingdom of Belgium is a state in Western Europe. It has a northern border with The Netherlands; in the east it has a border with Germany. Luxembourg can be found in the south east and France will be found south.The North Sea is west of Belgium.The capital is Brussels. It has a federal state system that exists of Flanders, Wallonia and Brussels.

Belgium in pictures to the music of "België" by 'Het Goede Doel' (a Dutch band) with English subtitles.

The Name

The belgae is a name derived from the book ‘commentarii de bello gallo’ written by Julius Caesar where he stated that the Belgae were the most brave of all Gauls. It’s possible that the origin of the name is the pre-Celt ‘belo’ which means as much as clear. Like in Belarus; this means something as white-russia.

Another possibility is that it comes from ‘bel’ which means something as alliance. The affix ga could mean man or warrior. So you’d get something as ‘warrior of the alliance’. This would make sense when you compare this to the content of Caesar’s book.

There are other explications as some going back to the character of the old Belgae. Bel is the root to words that means irritant, bitter and angry in several languages. Belgae liked war and did it all the time. This could be the reason that the Romans called them that way.

The History

History of Belgium: From the first historical records to the Roman Empire
World War II and Belgium facts

The Weather
Belgium weather

Public Holidays in Belgium

The Food
Belgium Food
Belgium Recipes

The Beer
Belgium Beer

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