belgian malinois breeders

A tribute to a big warrior!
A'Tim, descendant of G'Bibber, Cartouche and Dick 1

Dear reader, I only show you a few examples of belgian Malinois breeders that focus on character rather then on beauty. Most working dog breeders have developed their kennels around the important bloodlines of Arat (DICK 1), Mandro, Debber and Meno. Among their offspring’s are worlds` most famous working dogs as Cartouche, b'Bibber, G'tou and more recently A'Tim.I invite you to see the movie above! You order one of those Malinois dogs, this is what you can expect.

If you do not intend to work with your dog and spend at least a few hours with him a day, do not buy one of those. They will make your life miserable. They are as written before very active and will become neurotic when they do not get enough space and action. If, however, you are looking for some excitement, the Malinois is your best choice. This dog is used all over the world by police forcers and armies. His capacities are recognized everywhere and put above those of German shephards, Rottweilers or Dobermanns (even though you find extremely good dogs from these breeds as well).

Below some very good malinois breeders

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