Belgian Waffle REcipe

Our Belgian waffle recipe includes all you need to make Belgian waffles.

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  • 8 Step Easy Belgian Waffle Recipe

The best way to make a Belgium waffle is to use yeast. Yeast will make Belgian waffles fluffy, soft and yummy. You could also use baking powder or cake flour but you will get the best result with yeast. If you use yeast then eat them when they are fresh - they are not that tasty the next day.

Belgian waffle mix is a great alternative if you are making larger quatities to reheat the next day. In which case you can just follow the waffle recipe right on the box. It's also a good idea if you are in a bit of a rush, which I am often while taking care of a baby and a 3-year old very active boy. 

Ingredients for Belgium Waffle REcipe

  • 3 1/4 cups (1 lb. — 500g) all purpose flour
  • one sachet (7g) instant dried yeast
  • 4 medium eggs
  • whole milk (you can also add some sparkling mineral water and make them even fluffier)
  • two sticks (1/2 lb. — 250g) butter
  • vanilla sugar
  • some salt

Yeast is where many North American attempts at the Belgian waffle fail. The yeast raising changes the chemistry of the batter, producing a tenderer crumb in the finished waffle than a baking-powder raising can. The yeast and the beaten egg whites which are folded into the batter work together to produce a light crisp waffle.

Utensils, Tools and Apparatus 

  • Belgian waffle iron
  • measuring cup and spoons 
  • whisk or hand mixer 
  • small sauce pan
  • large mixing bowl and spoon 
  • heat safe spatula


  1. Take a cup of milk and heat it until it is lukewarm then mix in your yeast. You can now leave the yeast standing for a while.

  2. In the mean time – melt the butter, but stop as soon as it melts, don’t over heat it or even burn it – you will lose the taste.

  3. Separate the egg yolks from the egg whites and beat the egg whites until you get snow.

  4. Now take a big giant huge bowl and throw in all the flour, vanilla sugar (one sachet) and some salt. Make a hole in the middle of the flour and fill it with melted butter, dissolved yeast and egg yolk.

  5. Mix while you are adding milk (and some mineral water if you want). You should mix it really well so there are no lumps. The question you might ask here is how dense should the dough be, how much milk? It should be thick, think pancakes and then make it a bit thicker.

  6. Gently mix the beaten egg whites into the dough.

  7. Leave the dough to rest and rise at room temperature for a while. How long? Until the volume of the dough doubles or even triples! We told you to take a really big bowl. If you are in a hurry then wait for 30 minutes to one hour, but if you can, make the waffle dough in the evening and leave it overnight.

  8. Use the oil to grease the waffle iron (which should be very hot) so your waffles don't stick to it and pour the dough in it. Bake the until they turn golden brown.

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Serving and Toppings Ideas for Belgium waffle recipe

How do you eat Belgian waffles ? According to your taste, of course :) Popular toppings include:

  • butter
  • powdered sugar
  • whipped cream
  • fresh strawberries
  • fresh pears, peeled, diced, and covered with chocolate sauce
  • Whipped cream and fruit cocktail

Invite friends over for a waffle party. Set out bowls of various toppings for guests to choose from: Whipped cream, chocolate sauce, butter, fresh or canned fruit, nuts, Bananas, Ice cream, blueberries, cherries, pecans ... or all of the above. 

Belgian waffle party is also an excellent idea that kids are certain to enjoy. Set out warm waffles as they are cooked and let each little human decorate.

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