Belgian Waffle Maker

A Belgian waffle maker uses deep indentations that give you fluffier waffles that can catch more toppings and syrup. Some models can produce a waffle in a mere minute or two. I really enjoy the wonderful aroma of sweet waffles filling our kitchen. Belgians prefer their waffles as a snack in the afternoon or evening but I like (and sometimes desperately need) my sugar rush in the morning. Combined with a fresh cup of coffee it's an excellent start of a day - must be the sugar + caffeine combination :) 

Belgian waffles are considered typical of Belgium, which boasts several varieties with somewhat different waffle recipes.

Belgian Waffles At Home

On days when it's not convenient for your to make a stop in Brussels on Tahiti - I have made a list of things you will need to make this tasty treat at home.

First the waffle maker. A belgian waffle maker makes thicker and/or larger pocketed waffles - that's what differentiates it from pancakes ;). For the most basic and cheapest model prices range from 29 to 100 dollars. You just press two sides of the iron together by hand. You get a waffle, but it is hit-and-miss with color and texture.

belgian waffle recipe

In the USA, the most commonly used determining factor of whether a waffle is a "Belgian waffle" or not is the thickness and/or pocket size, although the recipes between Belgian waffles and American waffles do differ.

These special Belgian waffle Irons Make Waffles crunchy-golden outside and fluffy inside.

There models produce waffles with the signature belgian thicker and larger pocketed waffles ... think of all the delicious maple syrup they will capture!

Presto Flipside Belgian waffle-maker

Waring Pro Belgian waffle-maker

Oster 3883 Belgian wafflemaker chrome


A Belgian Waffle MAker

Getting your own waffle maker will let you capture a yummy part of Belgium at home. It's worth investing in a good waffle iron if you think you'll use it regularly. Otherwise, if you only have it once or twice a year going out for waffles is probably a better idea.

I find that a festive Sunday waffle breakfast is a fun and easy tradition to start and kids love inventing (and applying) toppings.

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