Brussels Belgian Chocolates

There are many places to shop for belgian chocolates in Brussels with a a wide range of boxed chocolates, seasonal gift boxes, bars and chocolate gourmet products.

From local bakeries and supermarkets delis, to chain stores and top-notch chocolate shops, hundred of chocolate producers vie for the domestic market.

Here is a selection of Brussels best chocolate makers.


Meet Some of Belgian's World Famous Chocolatiers ...

Best Belgian chocolates: Chocopolis

The owners of Chocopolis believe that customers should not only enjoy their fresh Belgian chocolate but also experience other chocolate from Belgium and other European countries. With two locations near the Grand Place and one in Louvain, Chocopolis attracts customers by offering a chocolate smorgasbord of products. But they keep customers by going the extra mile in customer service.

"We don't want to be the biggest," said co-owner Antony Baetens. "But we do want to be the best."

Chocopolis works to be the best by offering fresh quality products made in their Duffao factory as well as by offering travel-friendly products from companies in Belgium, France, Switzerland and Italy. All are sold by warm and friendly counter clerks, trained with an eye for customer service.

"We work with the highest quality fresh products," said Anthony. "We accept no colorings, no added fats - just 100% cocoa butter."

Anthony explains that some companies add other fats to double quantity. And while the European Union declared that you can call a product 'chocolate' even though you add three to five percent of other fats, that is not the Belgian way. "True Belgian chocolate contains only 100% cocoa butter."

Customer service is a Chocopolis value that is as important as offering quality chocolate. When you enter one of its three shops, you'll be greeted with a warm smile. "We want our employees to be happy when customers come in," he said.

And they want their customers to be happy too. So they offer a free chocolate sample to each customer. "I'm convinced about the quality of our chocolate, but why should you trust us if you don't know us? So we offer a free sample to each customer to help them decide what to buy."

Best Belgian chocolates: Galler

Jean Galler was born into a luxury dessert environment. He liked working in the family confectioner's shop founded by his grandfather in 1930 and he has kept this passion since then. In fact, his love for working in the family business fueled a passion that continues to this very day as one of the leading creators and producers of fine Belgian chocolate products.

And at the age of 21, he carried the family tradition forward and launched his own chocolate enterprise.

Thirty years later, the founding principles of Galler remain the same: passion for chocolate, pride in perfection and constant creativity.


Today, Galler and his team of more than 100 employees designs, produces and markets pralines, ice-creams, chocolate ptisseries, filled chocolate bars, as well as chocolate tablets, Cats tongues (cartoon cats moulded from chocolate), spreads, and bite-sized chocolates.

Galler products are now found throughout the Belgian market in more than 2,000 sales outlets. In addition, Galler owns a network of stores in Belgium, France, Luxembourg, Japan, Lebanon, the United States, United Arab Emirates and England.

"Our pralines are made of fine raw materials and coming from the best origins (no artificial aromas, quality dried fruits, natural vanilla," said Justine Galler in a recent interview. "In addition, our pralines are sensible, small in size, and slightly sugared. These qualities allow the flavours to reach the palate quickly."

Galler loves to experiment with chocolate and has created a new product that allows his customersto do the same. The product, called 'Kaori', offers 42 possible combinations by providingchocolate batons in various flavors accompanied by small pots of flavored sauces in which to dip the batons.By superimposing the chocolate flavors, spices and seasonings, customers have their own private chocolate-tasting lab.

Best Belgian chocolates: Planete Chocolat

Planete Chocolat specializes in the artistry of chocolate, the whimsical, and sharing their knowledge with others through demonstrations and workshops.

"We are avant-garde", says owner Abdelhak Menouni, "choosing to make products ranging from the antique to the modern."

At their shop, you'll find traditional Belgian chocolate pralines inspired by rice, coconut and coffee fillings. But you'll also find new inventions such as the bubblegum-infused chocolate praline, twists on tastes such as chocolate flavored with ginger or black tea, and truffles with green tea and pistachio.

One area that Planete Chocolat really specializes in is in the art of demonstrations and workshops. In fact, they host thousands of visitors a year from all over the world in their workshop and demonstration areas.

"Thirty-five percent of our guests don't even know where chocolate originates," says Menouni. "We take them through the chocolate-making process from start to finish, give them an opportunity to ask questions and enjoy chocolate samples."

The company books demonstration sessions for tours and also offers one-hour demonstrations for walk-ins on Saturdays and Sundays at 16:00 (7 euros, offered in 2-3 languages, reservations NOT required). The demonstration area, housed in the shop near the Grand Place, is decorated in company colors, warm lighting and comfortable seating for up to 100 guests.

And The List Goes On...


Of course, there's also Neuhaus, Guylian, Leonidas, Godiva, Wittamer, Mary's, Cafe-Tasse, Nirvana, Cote d'Or, Dolfin, New Tree and the list goes on and on and on. With nearly 300 Belgian chocolatiers, one could almost sample a different Belgian chocolate every day of the year.

And judging by the amount of chocolate consumed here, it looks like some do!

For more information about Belgian chocolate and Brussels travel-related stories, visit: Brussels Belgium Travel Guide

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