Beer in Brussels

Lambic, Gueze, Kriek, Faro and FRamboise at CAntillion Brewery

The Cantillon brewery offers the most unique beer in Brussels. The small belgian microbrewery still uses equipment and methods from a 100 years ago. It's always amazing to see age-old traditions at work. Some things just seem to transcend generations, which makes them that much more appealing and timeless. Such is the case with the Cantillion beer and the process for brewing it.

Cantillion Brewery IN Brussels

Guided brewery tours happen every year in the fall. Check with Cantillion for dates and times.
Rue Gheude 56
Brussels (exit South Station)

Cafe Open for Tasting and self-guided tours

Monday to Friday from: 9 AM - 5 PM 

Saturday from: 10 AM to 5 PM 

I highly recommend one of the guided tours which happens in the colder autumn months. The few days that the brewery is open it gets very busy but usually there is a tour leaving every 20 minutes or so. We took an english tour and we were only five people. While the French tour in fornt of us and the Italian beer tour behind us had over twenty people. 

I found it amazing that the bacteria is "cultivated" in the roof structure. It's all about a complex balance and all nature is depended on to play a role.  The special bacteria migrates to the beer, the generations of cats are the anti-mouse system and the spider webs are left undisturbed since they control the fly and mosquito population with out any modern chemicals. 

While visiting the brewery you'll experience different odours depending on which part of the brewering process you are observing. I loved the hoppy and grainy smell of the attic.

Cantillion Beer in Brussels

Visit this brewery and wonder where you are. The moment you pass the heavy wooden gate, you’ll be thrown back in time for at least 100 years. Since 1900, nothing has been changed in one of the most remarkable breweries in the world. Red copper barrels, walls of bottles of beer maturing and waiting on the time they can be consumed. Attic’s full of weed, hops and grains.

This is the place where a few of world’s best beers are produced. They are sour and harsh but also fine and tender. 

You probably have to get used to the taste, but once you bite through the sourness, a full palette of indescribable, unknown tastes appear.

This is Geueze, the proud of ‘Pajottenland’, one of the most unknown famous beers in the world. This brewery is, and I quote Michael Jackson, the beer hunter, an essential visit for anyone with even the slightest interest in beer.

This very traditional beer maker brews a beer of the type that you can see on Breughel’s paintings and represents the oldest beer type readily found in the developed world using a wild, spontaneous fermentation.

Note: A few years ago, this beer was threatened to disappear on the foreign markets as the EU forbids this kind of use of wild yeast. Luckily enough, the same law threatened the French and English raw cheeses, Spanish ham etc… in the end the law was altered and the beer survived.

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