Antwerpens Districts

Here are Antwerpens many distinct districts and what you can discover in each of them.

Old Town

In Antwerp's old city core (Oude Stad) you’ll find most of the important buildings and museums here. It’s a relatively small area which hosts a lot of 16 and 17 century buildings.


  1. Rubenshuis / Ruben's House
  2. The Steen Castle
  3. Antwerp Cathedral
  4. Market square of Antwerp and The Statue of Brabo
  5. Antwerp City Hall
  6. Vlaeykensgang 
  7. The KBC Tower, affectionately known as Boerentoren - is the the oldest sky scraper in Europe.
  8. St. Anna Tunnel: 572 meter unique pedestrian passageway underneath the Scheld
    The entrance is a yellow brick building that looks like an Art-Deco power station.
  9. Antwerp Ruien

Central Station Area

Some of the top Belgium attractions are right in the center of Antwerp within easy access from the train and public transport.


  • Antwerp Central Station
  • Diamond Center
  • Queen Astrid square
  • Antwerp Zoo
  • Shopping on the Meir
  • Statiestraat for ethnic cuisine
  • UGC Antwerpen for some easy entertainment

Port of Antwerp

Modern architecture has also been getting a lot of attention in Belgium.


Zurenborg District

Zurenborg is a hidden treasure and we like to keep it that way. Tourists only find their way to the Cogels-Osylei. The streets around the Dageraadplaats though are the living hart of the area. Surrounded by bars and restaurants, this is one of the nicest squares of Antwerp.



Linkerover is also one of the attractions in Antwerp that is great for families with kids.

Although the water is too polluted for swimming the sand is perfect for sandcastles and there is an elaborate nautical playground. If you continue for past the cafés and restaurants you will eventually reach the stables where you can do some horseback riding.

Jewish Antwerp

Antwerp has the largest Jewish Orthodox population (50,000 people) in Europe. The city's 30 synagogues are all Orthodox.

The Antwerp Synagogue is also known as Hoofdsynagogue, Main Synagogue,  Dutch Synagogue and Hollandse Synagogue has been build by the Jewish congregation 

  • Founded by the descendants of Ashkenazi Jews from Holland.
  • It's influenced by moorish buildings.

Address: Bouwmeesterstraat 7
Architect: E. Stordiau & J. Hertogs
Build: 1891 - 1893

It was damaged by a German V-bomb in 1944. It was repaired in 1958 and it is a protected monument since September 17, 1976.

The synagogue is only used for Rosh Hashana and Yom Kipour. Guided tours are possible by appointment.

The South ('t Zuid)

This 19th century area is build to the example of Paris. This means open spaces and wide streets. This is the fancy area now.

If you have enough cash, you’ll be able to buy your self a house here. This area has lots of new restaurants and is often over priced. But you’ll find good deals here as ‘t Pakhuis’ and de ‘River Kwai’.


  1. Bootje, also known as The Five Continents a group of four Art Nouveau buildings.
  2. Koninklijk Museum voor Schone Kunsten (Royal Museum of Fine Arts).
  3.  The Justitiepalais - The Anglo-Italian architect who designed it is Richard Rogers, the same one that developed the Centre Pompidou in Paris. The roof is the architectural idea of waves (or a series of sails). The complex has 5 floors and 36 hearing rooms.<br>

Island (Dam Eilandje)

Around one of the yacht marinas of Antwerp you’ll find next to the local Tax Building (you immediately see where the money goes to) a few very nice bars and restaurants. Coming soon the Red Star Line  museum about all the million of immigrants that found their way via Antwerp to the USA . The architect is the same that created Ellis Island’s museum of Immigration in New York. It looks promising!

Antwerp Berchem

In this area you have the normal crowd living. US! There are not really historical builidings in old Berchem but we have a few nice restaurants (De Troubadoer, Margaux) and a really nice breakfast place!

Latin Quarter District (Quartier Latin)

Just behind the National Bank – also a nice building you should check out - you’ll find the area that is frequented by students and artists. There a few nice squares and lots of bars. We’ve seen a lot of new places here the last years and we are still checking them out. Kremers’ is our favorite bar there but the owner will kick you out around 2AM. Maybe that’s late enough!


In this area you’ll find huge begin 20th century villa’s and a lot of parks. On Sunday, people go her with the children to enjoy some nature. You can walk here


A small statue of Nello and Patrasche now stands in front of the information centre in Hoboken. Visitors can enjoy a walk to a rebuilt model of a six meter-high windmill and to a church where according to the book the boy and his dog were buried together.

Many Japanese tourists take the 20 minute tram ride from Antwerp to see where their favorite Dog of Flanders story took place.

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