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Antwerp restaurants that specialize only in steak ( aka Steakhouses ) are very rare (if they exist at all). Despite that ‘Beefsteak frit’ is very popular – the national dish in Belgium - it is difficult to a find typical American Steak house.

But there is steak in Antwerp restaurants  – We know.

Friday is steak night at our house. Usually we make it at home but often we head out on the town in search of the perfect steak - and we keep adding to our ‘worth mentioning’ steak list.

When it comes to Beefsteak frit - there is a lot to choose from – read our Essential Steak Guide first BOTTOM OF THIS PAGE – unless you want to end up with a pile of raw ground beef topped with a raw egg on your plate. (It has happened to more then one traveler in Belgium)

Steak you’ll find it in almost every restaurant – a standard dish on every menu. However, although you can find steak everywhere - If you want choice and really good steak try one of the exceptional Steakhouses on our list below.

for a good steak try ... 


Great Antwerp restaurants for those evenings when you are walking in the old town… strolling through the tiny streets of Antwerp and wondering about diner.

Sometimes it’s difficult to choose between the thousands of restaurants that exist in Antwerp. But once you narrow it down and decide it's got to be a steak - it gets a bit easier.

De Zevende Hemel - NOW CLOSED was our favorite steak restaurant in the old town. Unfortunately the long time owner sold it and the new owners serve British and Indian food and beer .

The new modern / Indian / British decor clashes with the old Belgian house and wooden beams and classic country/ farm style.

This place used to be very very cozy and now it's less than mediocre and overpriced. We would not be surprised if it already went out of business since it's been a couple of months already that we discovered that a a juicy tender loin has been replaced by a dry burger and the Wesmalle Trippel by a foreign brew.

Or maybe we are just bitter that we lost our cozy stakhouse where every visit was a successful evening with great meat accompanied by great sauces and extremely friendly service. 

For great burgers try the Lunch box or Kelly's Pub.

SOUTH DISTRICT antwerp Restaurants - STEAKHOUSE:

Restaurant Mich

Mich is a stylish restaurant in the south district specialized in noble meat. On the menu you will find beef, lamb, horse, veal…

The service is good and the staff is friendly. In theory it’s fancy with white walls and a wooden floor. In the background you will hear jazz and lounge music. Even thou fish lovers will find something - the menu is mostly all about meat. 

Pepper steak, filet pur, cote a l’os six rib, ongle – top-quality meat dishes and other special suggestions while you enjoy your glass of exquisite wine. Mich might be the only restaurant in the world that serves bone marrow. 

I recommend the Irish six rib, the meat from the Irish cow is more tender and filled with flavor then any other. Whatever you choose your dish will be accompanied by a fresh salad and fresh fries. Budget 30€ per person. 

Waalsekaai 10
03 248 45 40

Antwerp restaurants in the meat district

Den Abattoir

One of the best steakhouse in town! Or a bit out of town. From all the steakhouses - this is our favorite. 

You can order by size - there is no maximum :-) Situated in the middle of the Boucher’s area, this is not the easiest area to visit. You’ll have the drive a little for it, but the reward is a big tender or sir loin cooked exactly the way you want it. There is a also a Nice Terrace.

Den Abattoir is on one of the 2 streets filled with bars and restaurants - the rest of the area is mostly industrial. 

Budget: EUR 35

Closing days: Saturday & Sunday noon, Monday

Cuisine: Belgian, French

District: Butcher's Area / Out of town (tram 3 is feasible)
Lange Lobroekstraat 65 
2060 ANTWERPEN /03. 271.08.71

THE ESSENTIAL STEAK GUIDE to antwerp Restaurants

When it comes to steak - there is a lot to choose from – read ourEssential Steak Guide first – unless you want to end up with a pile of raw ground beef topped with a raw egg on your plate.

A steak comes from a number of places on the animal, here is quick overview.

  • Filet pure / Filet mignon: tenderloin, a small and most tender part of the animal 
  • Entre Cote: sirloin – less tender more taste
  • Chateau Briant: Double tenderloin. A bit piece of meat cut on your table. always served for two.


Steak Americain: This is not a T-Bone!

Very popular in Belgium, and also known as filet américain or American Fillet.This is a meat dish made from finely chopped or ground raw beef or horse meat. It is regarded as a gourmet dish. 

It is eaten as a main course, typically with toast or fries. The preparation of the meat is either done by the waiter, table-side, or by the customers. Sometimes you can get a fresh green salad in the summer months to add to freshness to the dish.

Filet américain is also sold by butchers as a sandwich dressing. It comes either unprepared (raw ground lean beef) or prepared with eggs, seasonings (popular in Belgium).


Raw - Uncooked: Used in dishes like steak tartare and Carpaccio.

Blue rare or very rare: (37.8°C/100°F core temp) Cooked very quickly; the outside is seared, but the inside is usually cool and barely cooked. It will be red on the inside and barely warmed. 

Rare: (48.9°C/120°F core temp) The outside is gray-brown, and the middle is red and slightly warm.

Medium rare: (52.2°C/126°F degrees core temp) It will have a fully red, warm center. Unless specified otherwise, upscale steakhouses will generally cook to at least this level.

Medium: (57.2°C/135°F degrees core temp) The middle of the steak is hot and red with pink surrounding the center. The outside is gray-brown.

Medium well done: (62.8°C/145°F degrees core temp) The meat is light pink surrounding the center.

Well done: (73.9°C/160°F degrees core temp) The meat is gray-brown throughout and slightly charred.

I have noticed that Belgian chefs tend to undercook meat. Well done is usually still a bit pink in the middle. I guess it has something to to with the general level of comfort with raw meat in Western Europe and the believe that overcooking destroys the integrity of the meat. 

Speak to your waiter and remember that it’s always better to order it not well done enough and ask to throw it back on the grill if it’s too raw then the other way around.

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