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Antwerp pictures: The architecture of the Zurenborg District.

A truly unique collection of contrasting exuberant architectural styles.

Great Antwerp architecture can be found anywhere - But it is in the "modern" Zurenborg district that you will discover the most creative and stunning examples of fantastic architecture.

The neighborhood is split into two parts by a railway line to the Netherlands. Both parts were separately developed.

The southeast side of the railway, also known as the Cogels-Osy neighborhood is maybe the most famous of the Antwerp neighborhood, thanks to its remarkable architecture.

Description of imagecogels-osy-leicogels-osy-towercogels-osy-lei

The Sunflower.


The Tower.

The Craftsman.

The area is also called the Golden Triangle of Art Nouveau. Three streets, Cogels-Osy lei, Transvaal Straat and Waterloos street host 170 monumental houses protected by the Flemish government since 1984.


The Bees

The Globe.

The Lions.
The Ooievaar

The houses were often named and decorated with accompanying themes. The influence of organic and natural sources is particularly evident in the themes and names of the Art Nouveau homes: The Sunflower, The Rose, The Tulip. Houses also referenced local history or the names of the streets upon which they stand. The "Lion of Flanders" prominently adorns Cogels-Osylei 2–4, while across the street an entire complex is devoted to Charlemagne.


Zurenborg Architecture.


12 Apostles.

The Clover.

Try out our free Zurenborg Walk that shows you the most splendid houses of the late 19th century.

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