Antwerp Christmas 2011

The WHEN and WHERE of Antwerp Christmas Market 2011 and Other Wintery Events

If you having an Antwerp Christmas here is a list of must-do / must-see events.

The beautiful lights and decorations amid historic landmarks, colorful stalls, nativity scenes, music, and array of food and drink is sure to please those of all ages. Take a spin on the ice skating rink next to the Antwerp Castle or Christmas concerts in the evening.


Or better yet do both :-)

The WHEN and WHERE of Antwerp Christmas Market 2011


Opening and arrival of Santa Claus

WHEN: Saturday 10 december 2011
WHERE: The Kaaien en the Steenplein

Giant Christmas threes Reuzenkerstbomen
WHERE: Grote Markt, Handschoenmarkt and Koningin Astridplein

Christmas lights
WHERE: from Central station to quays of the River Sceldt.

Christmas nativity scene / stable
WHERE: Handschoenmarkt

Sunday Shopping
WHEN: Sunday 11 December and Sunday 18 december 2011
WHERE: Most of the shops in the inner city of Antwerpen will be open

Music For Life: Music Festival
WHEN: Wednesday 21 t/m Friday 23 december 2011
WHERE: Groenplaats

WHEN: Friday 31 December 2011
WHERE: on the river

WHEN: Saturday 7 January 2012
WHERE: Groenplaats

NEW YEAR DRINK Nieuwjaarsdrink
WHEN: Sunday 8 January 2012
WHERE: Grote Markt en de Suikerrui

Christmas Tree Fire Kerstboomverbranding
WHEN: Saturday 14 January 2012
WHERE: Linkeroever

Antwerp Christmas Market From 10 Dec - 29 Dec 2011

And what can you expect? Wooden chalets where you can eat and drink (we recommend you browse for the best Gluhwein)

Christmas markets are an old holiday tradition in Belgium where both locals and visitors can shop for original and traditional decorations along with other Christmas goodies at open-air stalls in the heart of the city. As in many Belgian cities, Antwerp organizes a yearly Christmas market. Every year tens of thousands of people visit this popular event.

Since last year the market is back to the ‘Grote Markt’, and we don't understand why it ever left this main square in front of the city hall. PLUS this year the christmas market stalls have branched out into Handschoenmarkt, the Suikerrui and the Steenplein in front of the old Castle.

WHEN: Saturday 10 december 2011 t/m Wednesday 28 december 2011
WHERE: the Steenplein (until January 8th), the Suikerrui, the Grote Markt and the Handschoenmarkt


Sunday to Thursday from 11.00 to 20.00. Friday and Saturday 11.00 - 22.00.
24, 25 and 31 december opened from 11.00 to 17.00.

An absolutely magical event. There are wooden huts in the middle of the square selling all sorts of traditional specialties. You can sip mulled wine under the Christmas tree or try one of Antwerp's famous jenevers while warming up next to a cozy open fire.


You can stroll between the wooden chalets where you can snack drink Gluhwein and shop for artisanal products.


Skating on Christmas

Ice Skating
WHEN: Zaterdag 10 december 2011 t/m zondag 8 januari 2012
WHERE: Steenplein

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Zalig Kerstfeest en Gelukkig nieuw jaar -- Merry Christmas in Flemish

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