Antwerp Cathedral

  • Name: Antwerp Cathedral, Onze-lieve-Vrouwekathedraal, Cathedral of our Lady
  • Address: Handschoenmarkt
  • Architect: Jan Appelmans (Jean Amel de Boulogne)
  • Build: 1352 - 1521
  • Height: 123,0m / 404ft

In the high middle ages, the old Roman church of Antwerp became too small for the fast growing city. The city government decided to build a new Cathedral on the same spot. The church had to become the finest in the low lands. They even couldn’t imagine that 200 years later, the church still wouldn’t be finished.

In the early 16th century, The city decided to stop working on the Cathedral of our Lady and that’s why it never got it second tower.

In the 1500’s, the style had completely changed, and some citizens even suggested to take the church down and build something nice there (Gothic art was seen as Barbarian in the Renaissance Period).

It wouldn’t be the last time that Antwerp cathedral would be threatened with demolition. Also, Napoleon ordered to take her down and recuperate the iron for his armies. Luckily, Jan Blom was so inventive to save her.

The interior is for 90 percent Baroque. The original interior has been professionally destroyed during the iconoclasm.

A few of Rubens most known paintings are waiting for your complete attention… Among them are the Raising of the Cross and the Descent of the Cross - cultural heritage on a worldwide scale. There are a also lot of other works of art, the contents, the stained-glass windows ...

Neighborhood: Old city

  • 2, 3, 5, and 15 (stop Premetro Groenplaats).
  • 4, and 8 (stop Th. Van Rijswijckplaats).
  • 10, and 11 (stop Melkmarkt).
  • 7 (stop Meirbrug).
  • 34, and 291 (stop Steenplein).
  • 22, 25, and 26 (stop Groenplaats).

Main Entrance
2000 Antwerpen

Opening hours
Monday to Friday: 10-17h
Saturday: 10-15h
Sunday and feast days: 13-16h

For More Information
Phone: (0032) (0)3 213 99 51

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