The Zurenborg Walk

The Zurenborg Walk starts at the Berchem Station -- A do it yourself Antwerp tour. (Scroll to the bottom of the page for instructions on how to get here).

Leave the Berchem station via the main entrance.

The main entrance is the side with the ticket sales, a sandwich bar and a paper shop.

Now you are on a square. The street on your left is the Uitbreidingsstraat.

Follow this one all the way to the traffic lights. Cross the first street and pass the bar on the corner. You probably see now the entrance of the most remarkable street of Antwerp and here is where the Zurenborg Walk really begins.

Welcome to the Cogels-Osy Lei.

This walk is going to show you the most splendid houses in Antwerp. Magnificent Architecture of the late 19th century!

Watch out for the tram!

You'll be crossing the street A LOT to get a good look at each one of the houses.

Stay on the left hand side of the street. On your right you’ll see the house of a veterinarian - our cat hates it here.

The building has been renovated in the 70s before the area was protected by law.

Now cross the street. In front of the vet you’ll see one of my favorites. The Quinten-Matsijs!

  • The Quinten-Matsijs Cogels Osy lei 80
    (Gentlemen’s house, Art Nouveau, Architect Jacques De Weerdt, build in 1904)
  • Continue to the Neo-baroque round-a-bout. The castle-houses seem to be identical. But every house has its unique details. Can you spot them?

At the round-a-bout the the first street to the left. This is the Generaal van Merlenstraat. Here you will find several delightful old master houses. Continue down the street until you arrive at the first intersections – here you’ll find the Four Seasons. This is one of the highlights of the Zurenborg Walk. Check the nice frescos on the facades. A sign, fruit or flowers symbolize every season.

  • The Four Seasons.
    Corner Van Merlen Straat – Waterloo Straat. (Gentlemen’s houses, Art Nouveau, Architect Joseph Bascourt, build in 1904)

You are now in the Waterloo Street. Almost every house on this street is a gem.

  • The Battle of Waterloo, at Nr 11 was designed by Frans Smet-Verhas.

Turn right and walk until you arrive at Transvaalstraat. Here the walk continues to your right but first explore Transvaalstraat and look out for:

  • Nr. 15 The 12 Apostles
  • Nr. 27 - 33 The Greek temple
  • Nr. 59 - 60 The Devils

When you reach Draakplaats take the street to your right: You are back on Cogels-Osy lei (the start of our Zurenborg Walk). More Remarkable Architecture to look out for:

  • Nr. 2-4 Jan Breydel and Pieter de Coninks
  • Nr. 3 De Overvloed
  • Nr. 6 - 12 The Carolus Magnus 
  • Nr. 13 - 15 Greek style with the bust of Minerva, war goddess
  • Nr. 16 Neo-renaissance style
  • Nr. 17 The Seven Stars
  • Nr. 20 The Lions
  • Nr. 22 The Valk (Eagle)
  • Nr. 24 Surenborgh
  • 25 -29 The Sun, The Stars and The Moon
  • Nr. 31 A Mistake made in the 80s

To the left is the Generaal Capiaumontstraat.

  • Nr. 1 and 2 are also very attractive.

And here ends our Zurenborg Walk. Now head back to the big square with the trains. Follow the tram for 500 meters after the 5 bridges. There you will find the Dageraadplaats. I leave it up to you where you want to sit down and have a beer. But just so you know T’ Zeezicht has Chouffe on Tap!

This area is a hidden gem. It’s very popular with the locals – actually it’s mostly just locals here. They come more often here then in old town. You find everything here. From an haute cuisine 1 star Michelin Restaurant – Le Dome - to several snack bars. For Moroccan try El Warda (The Rose) is the best Moroccan Restaurant in town. You’re in for something affordable and endearing. De Overvloed above the ‘Zeezicht’ will also do fine for a meal.

How to Get to the Zurenborg Walk

Zurenborg is a little off the beaten track - in the south east of Antwerp (near the railway station Antwerpen – Berchem).

Walk or bike following the railway viaduct from Central Station to Grote Hondstraat, and then walk up and down the seven avenues that coming out from Draakplaats Tramplein.

  • Bus: 14, 16, 32, 38 or Tram: 8 Get off at Antwerp - Berchem train station and cross the street to find your self in a fairytale neighborhood.
  • Tram: 6, 11 and Bus: 9, 20 will take you directly down the Avenue. Better to get off at Draakplaats Tramplein and take a stroll. Otherwise you’ll miss one of the must see attractions-in-Belgium.
  • Train: Get off at Berchem Station. If you are coming from the Central Station you can use a tram ticket to take the ride to then next stop.

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