Transvaalstraat & Waterloostraat

Government Protected Monumental Houses

Transvaalstraat and Waterloostraat in Antwerpens Zurenborg districts houses some amazing architectural gems. Here are some highlights.


12 Apostles                      Transvaal straat nr 15

This big house is called the 12 apostles. After you are done counting them go further and be amazed by the adorable villa that will appear in front of you. It’s extraordinary!

The Greek temple
Transvaal straat 27 - 33

This Greek temple (or series of Greek villa’s) is one the prettiest of the area. Originally uncountable Greek statues of philosophers stood here. Now only a few are left - but it’s still quite impressive.

Just imagine that in each house lived only one family. I wonder how many cooks, butlers and maids they had. Their rooms could be found behind the small roof windows.

Behind the front garden, you’ll see basement kitchens. All those have been changed to comfortable apartments now. Conveniently the stables became garages.

The Devils,
Transvaal Straat 59-60
Nice woodwork shows 12 devils. Legend says there used to be a 13th but that one has been removed. You can still see the spot where it used to stand.


There are some magnificent art nouveau houses on Waterloo Street in Antwerp.

It's name is a reference to  the final, momentous chapter of the Napoleonic Wars.

The Battle of Waterloo, at Nr 11 was designed by Frans Smet-Verhas ( the same architect as 't bootje in the South district).

The facade shows the portraits of Wellington and Napoleon, the two great commanders of the age.

Bayonets, flags, smoking canons and drums show you clearly the subject of the house.

Also, take a look at the projecting window and the terrace above finished with a wrought iron work. Unfortunately the symmetry of the facade has been destroyed when the right tower was taken away.

The Four Seasons

Corner Van Merlen Straat – Waterloo Straat
(Gentlemen’s houses, Art Nouveau, Architect Joseph Bascourt, build in 1904)

Summer is symbolized by roses (one in the hear of a woman).

Fall shows a red haired woman surrounded with grapes and purple flowers.

Winter shows the king surrounded by branches under a layer of snow.

Winter can be visited on special occasions - once a year on open monument day. The interior is also very charming.


With Mayflowers and hyacinths.

This is one of the highlights of the Zurenborg Walk. Check the nice frescos on the facades. A sign, fruit or flowers symbolize every season.

The 4 identical houses are a project of Smart Urbanization of the late 19th century.

On one side, the houses go smoothly over into the row houses of the Van Merlen Street. On the other hand, they show the same characteristics as the houses in the Waterloo Street with which they share some equal elements (private gardens, …)

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