Michelin Star Restaurants

Belgium has the highest density of Michelin Star-rated restaurants in Europe.

What is The Red Guide you ask?
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What do those Stars actually mean? What can you expect and how much will you pay in a Star restaurant in Antwerp?

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Here is the list of all Star restaurants in and around Antwerp. We have not tried them all yet so many of the reviews are still missing. I'll be adding more reviews in the future :)

OR try Sir Anthony van Dyck a previous Michelin star restaurant whose chef gave away his 2 Stars.


This Michelin Star rewarded chef prepares the best fish in town. Simplicity is his keyword but his cooking results in the most complex taste experience.

A few years ago, this master chef was already awarded a star for his previous restaurant ‘The Matelote’. Following his own path, he handed back the star and started all over with a new concept. Soon after, the Red Guide again awarded him a star, this time around for … the Gin-Fish.

The Gin-Fish is small, trendy but a very cozy venue. Don’t worry about what to choose. The chef does it for you with his set menu!

District: Old Town

Haarstraat 9
2000 Antwerp
00 32 /3 231.32.07

Budget : EUR 75 to 100
Cuisine: Seafood

Closed: Sunday, Monday, Tuesday midday, Wednesday midday, Thursday midday, Friday midday, Saturday midday


'T Fornuis

District: Old Town

Reyndersstraat 24
2000 Antwerp

Budget : ± 70 Euro
Cuisine: French

Closed: Saturday - Sunday - Pub.Holidays
Johan Segers is one of these typical chefs. If you see him, you can tell he’s a cook. The way he looks over his glasses you see immediately he’s a gourmet from the old style. And that’s maybe why The Red Guide took away one of his stars.

So is Chef Segers too classic to be relevent? I don’t think so. No, you are not going to find technique-concept cuisine à la Ferran Adrià. You will find a grand master’s interpretation of the Escoffier cuisine. Real food, real cooking and real taste! The restaurant is in a 16th century building and a host to one of the finest wine cellars in Belgium.


The chef and his wife set up this restaurant in one the coziest areas of Antwerp. Close to the Cogels-Osy lei, they offer you a classical French cuisine in an amazing art nouveau building.

This former tea house, police office, and sewing school stayed almost intact during the last century.

Go for whatever you like on their menu. You can’t make a mistake! The Red Guide rewarded them with a Michelin star for their efforts.

District: Zurenborg

Grote Hondstraat 2
2018 Antwerp
0032 /3 239.90.03

Budget : EUR 75 to 100
Cuisine: French

Closing days: Sunday, Monday, Saturday noon

Reservations at these restaurants are absolutely essential especially on weekends and in the summer.

The restaurant Troubadour is without a Star but deserves honorable mention for the excellent food and a good price/value ratio.

Michelin Star Restaurants Around Antwerp

'T Zilte ** 2 Stars

Viki Geunes of 't Zilte in Mol is elected by GaultMillau to chef of the year 2008. And I quote Paul Gelders, General director of the 'GaultMillau'guide:

"Geunes knows how to bring top ingredients together and turn them into a perfectly balanced dish. He hounours each original taste of every ingredient."

He combines respect and great knowledge of the product with new technology and modern cooking. He is one of the greatest chefs of his generation and Michelin already awarded him with two stars. He's one of the protagonists of the new Spanish style cooking.

Martelarenstraat 74
2400 MOL

Budget : ± 60 Euro
Cuisine: French

Closed: Monday, Tuesday

Korenmarkt 19

Budget :± 60 Euro
Cuisine: French, Mediterranean

Closed: Sunday & Saturday

D' Hoogh
Grote Markt 19

Budget :± 70 Euro
Cuisine: French , Belgian

Closed: Saturday noon, Sunday evening, Monday

Hof Ter Hulst
Kerkstraat 19

Budget :± 70 Euro
Cuisine: French , Seasonal

Closed: Tuesday, Saturday for lunch

Pastorale** 2 Stars
Laarstraat 22
2840 RUMST

Budget :± 60 Euro
Cuisine: French

Closed: Sunday, Saturday noon

De Schone Van Boskoop
Appelkantstraat 10

Budget: ± 70 Euro
Cuisine: French , Regional cuisine

Closed: Sunday - Monday

Spuistraat 21

Budget :± 70 Euro
Cuisine: French

Closed: Saturday noon - Sunday eve. - Monday

Kasteel Withhof
Bredabaan 906

Budget : ± 80 Euro
Cuisine: Belgian, Seasonal, French

Closed: Sunday, Monday

De Koopvaardij
Hoogeind 96

Budget : ± 50 Euro
Cuisine: Seasonal

Closed: Wednesday

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