One of the Major-attractions-in-Antwerp. Very often crowded with tourists but still something you have to see. This is indeed the best-known hidden alley of Antwerp.

It’s one of the oldest street of Antwerp. Vlaykensgang connects Hoogstraat, Oude Koornmarkt and Pelgrimsstraat. It is a real street, but only accessible through medieval front doors.

This used to be the area where the poor people lived. Now it’s the home of a few of Antwerp’s most fancy restaurants and apartments. Come here on Monday around 7.00 PM. It’s the best place to enjoy the carillon concerts, but you will not be the only one that knows that. You’ll have to quip it quiet or else people will give you dirty looks for talking too loud.

As many of the nice places we still have today, this place was also almost demolished in the 60ies. An antiquarian saved this street by buying it.

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