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Belgium-brewing Company: Moortgat, Province of Antwerp

City: Breendonk

Duvel Depot
Breendonkdorp 66
2870 Puurs
Tel.: (+32) (0)3 860 94 36

Duvel: with an Alcohol volume of 8.5 % it can indeed be “demonique”

This is the most known Belgium strong ale. His appearance is majestic. His taste un matched ! Yes there is a lot of Duvel being produced in the last couple of years. But the quality is still there. I rate this 4,5 on 5 and if you give it a year to mature in your basement - it becomes an absolute top star. Don’t drink too many. You might be distracted by it’s exquisite taste and you won’t notice when it starts going to your head.

For a tasting go next to this Belgium-brewing company is the Brouwerhuis bar. But you don't have to travel that far - I have not yet been to a bar that does not serve Duvel.

Belgium-Trappist Beer: Westmalle, Province of Antwerp

City: Westmalle
Brewery Der Trappisten Van Westmalle
Antwerpsesteenweg 496
B-2390 Westmalle - Belgium
Telephone: +32 3 312 92 22

In Belgium-brewing is not only an art it is also the occupation of monks. Many of the best beers are made in Abbeys. This is one of the Seven Trappist Beers in the world. Brewed in Westmalle Abbey, called Onze-Lieve-Vrouw van het Heilig Hart, belongs to the Cistercian Order, which was founded in the eleventh century.

Westmalle Tripel 9,5% alcohol
This is a clear, golden yellow Trappist beer that undergoes a secondary fermentation in the bottle. It is a complex beer with a fruity aroma and a nice nuanced hop scent. It is soft and creamy in the mouth, with a bitter touch carried by the fruity aroma. An exceptional beer, with a great deal of finesse and elegance. And with a splendid long aftertaste.

Westmalle Dubbel 7% alcohol
This is a dark, reddish-brown Trappist beer with a secondary fermentation in the bottle. The creamy head has the fragrance of special malt and leaves an attractive lace pattern in the glass. The flavour is rich and complex, herby and fruity with a fresh-bitter finish. It is a balanced quality beer with a soft feel in the mouth and a long, dry aftertaste.

On the Antwerp Road out of Westmalle, opposite the abbey, is a roadside tavern called the Trappisten. This is the abbey's official outlet, but usually this is a standard on beer bar menus.

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Belgium-brewing Company: Het Anker, Province of Antwerp

City: Mechelen

Brouwerij Het Anker
Guido Gezellelaan 49
2800 Mechelen
tel: 0032 (0)15 287 147

The beer Gouden Carolus of a Belgium-brewing Company in Mechelen: Het Anker grew into an international laurelled beer. The old recipes still form the basis of the brewing process, chemicals are never used and a variety of hops and herbs such as coriander, caraway and liquorice brings the beers on taste. This Belgium-brewing Company has many beers to choose from.

Gouden Carolus Classic 8,5 % VOL

Gouden Carolus Tripel 9 % VOL
In 2002 this beer won the Gold Award in the World Beer Cup, San Diego, USA in the “Triple” category.

Gouden Carolus Ambrio 8 % VOL
The balance between the different malts, the fine hops and typical tastes of spices creates a perfect harmony between the powerful taste of brown beers and the freshness of the blond beers.

Gouden Carolus Hopsinjoor 8 % VOL
4 types of hops are used in this beer: Golding, Spalt, Hallertau and Saaz. These hops were fractioned at several times in the cooking process in order to keep a maximum of aroma. The beer has a gentle, but nevertheless bitter aftertaste. Gold-yellow colour. Hoppy aroma.

This Belgium-brewing company has 2 limited edition beers:Cuvée van de Keizer Blauw 11 % VOL

Cuvée van de Keizer Rood 10 % VOL

Gouden Carollus Christmas 10,5 % VOL
This is a strong dark ruby-red beer with character and a alcohol percentage of 10,5% Vol. It is brewed at the end of August. Then it rests for several months to obtain a optimal balance in taste and flavours. Specific herbs are added in the different stages of the brewing process. Three different kinds of hops, and 6 different kind of herbs and spices make this Christmas beer a ‘special class’.
In 2004 Gouden Carolus Christmas won the Silver Award in the World Beer Cup, San Diego, USA in the “Dark Strong Ale” category.

Gouden Carolus Easter Beer 10 % VOL
Blond rich beer that is brewed each year during the easter period. It contains several types of malt and during brewing 3 herbs are added.

Blusser 5.4 % VOL
Local lager

Margriet / Anker Blond 6.5 % VOL
Blond beer called after Margaretha of Austria, on the occasion of the festive year "Mechelen, city in woman hands".

Margriet is a 4-grain beer that makes unique use of rose-buds.

Anker Herfstbok 6.5 % VOL
In 2003, after 30 years, Het Anker Brewery has returned to the tradition of brewing a Bock Beer. This was a brown beer for the cold winter months.

Boscoulis 6.5 % VOL
Origin: Coulis = gastronomical term for sauce of high quality made on the basis of fruit.

Boscoulis is manufactured with a high fermentation beer (Anker Blond) as basic beer that is enriched with 25% natural fruit juice.

This Belgium-brewing Company has a bar and restaurant where you can sample all the beers.

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