Off the Beaten Path Belgium attractions in Antwerp

Many Belgian and tourists are only familiar with Antwerp's old city, however one of the top Belgium Attractions are right in the center of Antwerp within easy access from the train and public transport.

Cinemas, Shopping, hotels and more top Belgium Attractions in the Central Station Area. South and southwest of the central station is a district interesting from an ethnic and cultural perspective.

Antwerp has the largest Jewish Orthodox population (50,000 people) in Europe. You know you are there when you see their traditional dress and kosher restaurants.

For a great vegetarian falafel and ethnic cuisine try Beni's Falafel on Langeleemstraat.

ruien The ‘Ruien’
the newest Off the Beaten Path Belgium attractions in Antwerp.

Open to public only since 2004 it's not for everyone. You can now go underground and visit 2 km of natural ditches connected with the river that would fill up during high tide and become empty during low tide.

The adventure will start with a short underground boat ride. The next 2 hours will be a bit smelly, dark and damp. You walk in some questionable slimy mud - only up to your ankles (in good weather). The guide is in constant contact with their operating center. In case of heavy rain the water might raise 20 – 30 centimeters and you will be making a quick exit.

tunnel St. Anna Tunnel
Not on the typical sightseeing itinerary.

One of the most easily overlooked Antwerp, Belgium attractions are the St. Anna Tunnel and the left bank. Not on the typical sightseeing itinerary. This 572 meter unique pedestrian passageway was built underneath the Scheldt in 1931-1933 to link the old centre with the left bank (Linkeroever).


This is the most remarkable street of Antwerp, absolutely remarkable and unique in Belgium and possibly in Europe.

Cogels-Osyle has an incredible mixture of architectural styles - a French Chateau, a Venetian Palazzo and a Greek temple compliment eccentric Art Nouveau buildings. You might think you’re walking on a film set they forgot to take down. A top 10 of must see Belgium attractions. Read more...

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