Belgium - Brewery ‘t Pakhuis, City of Antwerp

District: Zuid

2000 Antwerpen
Vlaamsekaai 76
+32/(0) 3 - 238.12.40

When you enter the Brewery/restaurant, you’ll see the beer making installation on your left. Quite impressive and only a few moments later you taste what they are making there on the spot! You can keep the bottle as a souvenir if you want.


Antwerps Blond 5.1 % alc. vol.
This beer is not filtered and therefor a bit turbid. A fresh thirst killer with a delicious aroma of malt and fine hops.

Antwerps Bruin 5.5 % alc. vol.
A special beer with a profound taste gained by using carameled malt while brewing. A special fermentation process gives this beer his extraordinary taste.

Nen Bangelijke 9.5 % alc. vol.
A strong beer, seriously hopped with a fully profound taste and a delicious after taste.

It has a bit of a Pub atmosphere and the food here is acceptable - a meal with a couple of drinks is about 25 EUR.

But don’t ask for French fries.
The only fries they make here are Belgian! ;-)

Belgium - Brewery De Koninck, City of Antwerp

District: Berchem

Mechelsesteenweg 291
2018 Antwerpen
Tel. +32-3-218 40 48

De Koninck - A Bolleke: Alcohol volume 5 %
You can also ask a “prinkse” or a “fluitje”. It’s the same beer but the glass is different.The bolleke is the most popular, the other are for women and children ;)This nice amber ale beer has around 5 percent alcohol. The beer is made in a Brewery close to where we live. This is the beer of Antwerp and we drink it in all occasions.

The Koninck Blond: Alcohol volume 6%
Some man prefers blonds. De Tripel Konink is a gold blond beer with typical bitter hop and a nice long after taste. In 2005 it won a golden medal in an international competition in the pale blond category.

De Winterkoninck: Alcohol volume 6.5%
This strikes a pleasant balance between bitter, sweet and roasted dark hop. This beer is made as the name suggests: in winter. It’s a bit red in color and perfect to warm up during the cold of winter.

De Koninck Tripel:Alcohol volume 8% Strong.
Do you like it stronger? Amber color, top fermented and the finest taste. It has a sweet touch and will tickle the top of your tongue with its balanced tastes. Don’t exaggerate with this one at 8% it’s a pretty strong beer.

DK Red and DK Blond:
It was so good we forgot to check the alcohol content
A new star is born. We tried it a few days ago and we think these two new beers are absolutely great - superlatives all around! We were told that for this series they found inspiration in Champagne. And that’s what this beer is for. It’s made to fit with the most exquisite meals and finest taste. It also comes in a very nice sparkling wine bottle. Very inviting indeed!

There is a Café with a terrace next to the Brewery. Great place to try all the different Koninck Beers - since this is the only beer it serves.

This food here is overpriced for what they offer. I would expect those or lower prices in the old town but here i think it's just a bit strange. It's ok to dine here if it's warm enough on the terrace. Otherwise expect to have cigar and cigarette smoke blown in your face during you meal.

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