Belgium Beer

In Belgium Beer is the most varied, numerous and high-quality in the world.

Let me speak immediately about the main Belgium beer rules. Every beer has its own glass. Thou shall drink another beer, if the right glass is not available! Antwerpians and Belgians will always follow this rule. Don’t act surprised if you see that somebody refuse a beer in the wrong glass. That’s completely normal and the bar tender will apologetically inform you that the right glass is not available. He will not try to convince the customer that the beer tastes the same in anther glass. It doesn’t!

I also suggest you don’t drink mainstream beer from Imbev. This includes Leffe, Hoegaerden, Belle Vue and many others. They used to be good, but their quality went down while their brew capacity went up. I don’t consider them anymore as quality beer!

Made in Belgium

City of Antwerp Breweries
Province of Antwerp Breweries

There are just to many Belgian beers to write about so we had to limit ourselves to only this part of the country ... for now.

Sampling all Belgian beers is easier said than done - I have been working on it for several years now. I am afraid I lost track of the ones already tried. In addition they keep confusing it all with christmas and special edition beer.

I guess I'll have to start again - this time l am approaching the challenge alphabetically ;)

Shopping for Beer:


GB/Carrefour: Branches around the city carry a wide variety of beers, including almost all Trappist beer. Selection varies by store. The GB in Grand Place has a large selection and is approximately 33% of the price of the tourist shops.

Del Haize: Similar to GB/Carrefour, but a tad more expensive.

Match: Another store similar to GB/Carrefour, but has more of the unusual Belgian beers including Delerium.

Where to Drink
Top beers evolve in cellars - They become better and better with age. That is if you if you like aged beer of course. You can try aged beer in the Kulminator - Click here to for details of Kulminator and other great bars in Antwerp.

Please beware that, even in Belgium, drinking and driving is not allowed.

BEER EVENTS: Public brewing session at Cantillon brewery in Brussels

Read how to Buy Beer Online safely at the United Nations of Beer!

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