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Belgium contains thousands of cafés that offer a wide selection of beer, ranging from 10 in a small local café, to over 1000 in a specialist Café.

Since there is a Café on almost every decent corner we thought we would provide some help with choosing where to go. Here is a list of specialist cafés by district - to make drinking tourism a bit easier for you :)

District: Old Town

De Kulminator

Rated as the best bar in the world, its selection is simply incredible. A real Beer Mecca. Specialized in old brew, you’ll find all the famous Belgium top beers from different years. Some of them older then 20 years!

Don’t come here if you want Heineken. They don’t have it! Come here if you adore good drink, classical music and no nonsense brewski.

Keep the coupons - If you drink enough you get to keep a glass of your choice.

A word of warning though – there is no atmosphere and better leave your contact lenses at home. The bar is something from the 70’s and when busy it fills to the brim with cigarette smoke.

Just outside of Old Town

Vleminckveld 32
2000 Antwerpen

Paters Vaetje

One of the best bars in Antwerp frequently visited by the locals! You have about 100 trappists, abbey, gueuze, lambic, ale and pils to choose from. Every choice is good. Try Duvel, Trappist, Old Geueze or something you never heard of before? You’ll find it all here.

Oh yes, also an amazing view on the Cathedral… and it gets better with every sip. Actually you can be literarlly leaning on the Cathedral Of Our Lady while you drink. The bar gets very crowded and there are always 3 – 4 tables standing right next to the cathedral.

Great place – the only time we choose against it is when there is no where to sit … or stand!

Budget; from EUR 2,5O to... Depends of how long you stay... ;-)

Blauwmoezelstraat 1
2000 Antwerpen
phone: +32 (0) 32.31.8476

Afspanning ’t Waagstuk

Would you like to try something special?

Go here for excellent belgian beer and great finger food. They also have a good house draft that you’ll only find here.

The ceiling of this venue is crowded with mugs - fun to look at and wonder how long it would take to empty one of those. There are also tables outside in the cozy inner courtyard - It's a pleasure to have a drink here.

You'll also find an excellent selection of Trappists – even though the extremely rare West Vletteren was not available last month. They promised us new stock soon ☺

Stadswaag 20
Antwerpen, Belgium 2000

District: Zurenborg

T’ Zeezicht

Even though there is no sea sight here, I always feel on holiday when I come to this bar. Very often during the weekend there is life music.

An excellent Belgian brew selection and nice finger food.

This bar is very popular with the locals.

The area is deserted in the afternoon, but in the evening all the bars on the square come awake and people begin to flow in. Above the big square hangs a net with many small unevenly spread lights – they look like stars! No cars :) and with all the candles and music this can indeed be a very romantic spot. Not to mention they have Chouffe on Tap!

Dageraadplaats 7
2018 Antwerpen
+32 3 235 10 65

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