Antwerp Diamonds

Antwerp diamonds have international fame.  When you buy a stone in New York, Paris, Sidney or Tokyo, it most likely passed several times Antwerp in its journey to your ring or necklace.

The diamond cutters of Antwerp are world renowned for their skill.

A Guide to Diamonds in Antwerp


The Diamond Museum: find out where you can still see some of the items.

  • More than 12,000 expert cutters and polishers are at work in the Antwerp Diamond District, at 380 workshops, serving 1,500 firms and 3,500 brokers and merchants.
  • The diamond district annually trades 85% of the world's rough diamonds, 50% of cut diamonds and 40% of industrial diamonds.
  • The highest international mark of approval for polished diamond is the “Cut in Antwerp” label.
  • If you want to see polishers at work go to:
    Krochmal & Lieber workshops
    Lange Herentalsestraat 29

Shopping for Diamonds in Antwerp?

Shopping for jewellery or an Antwerp engagement ring? The variety of diamond settings (rings/bands) available is almost endless. Here is where you begin: Diamond setting.

Your first stop should be the Diamond High Council ( HDR ) this center provides a directory of diamond-related businesses that operate in Antwerp and information on what to look for when buying a stone.

DiamondlandAppelmansstraat 33A 2018 Antwerpen. Antwerp's largest diamond shop with some 1.500 pieces of diamond jewellery on display. It is especially popular for it’s engagement specials and here you can see polishing and cutting demonstrations

Certified Diamonds

Certified diamonds come with a Diamond certification: written proof of a diamond's attributes. Although many diamonds look the same - they are not. Professional laboratories will judge bigger diamonds on the 4 facets Cut, Carat, Color, Clarity).

Certifications are issued by independent gemological laboratories. There are several grading laboratories, the most prominent being:

  • International Gemological Institute (IGI)
  • European Gemological Laboratories (EGL)
  • GemEx Systems
  • Gemological Institute of America (GIA)
  • American Gem Society (AGS)

They will not give a price-estimation but only an independent point of view on the quality of the stone. A certificate with a number that will be lasered into the bottom of the diamond (this won’t influence the price nor one of the 4 C’s).

From the certificate, they will make a micro copy and they will seal it together with the diamond. Those kind of diamonds will offer disappear for many years as part of an investment. Later, on the hand of the certificate, they can track the diamond back and sell it and/or shape it again.

Without it, you have no assurance that the diamond you are buying is of the quality you're paying for.

Certification gives you the information you need to assess a diamond's fair market value. It also allows you to make an intelligent comparison with other diamonds either in the same jewelry store or in another.

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