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Things to do in Antwerp

Things to do in Antwerp SUMMER

  • Sinksenfoor -- Every year The South area (`T Zuid) prepares it self for fair attractions, food and fun. I really recommend trying the `Smoutenbollen` and the Lackmans (galletten). Lackmans origin can be found in northern France but they are most popular in Antwerp and we consider them today as an Antwerpian delicatesse. Best eaten at Viktor or Desire de Lille. Just wander around the fair and you will pass them both in the middle.

    The giant boaster is the newest thing. Eighteen daredevils will be thrown around at 52 meters altitude at a speed of 95 km per hour. Some call this fun!Further there is a lot more for big and small kids. From go-karts to haunted castles. From lottery games to arrow shooting. 
  • Antwerp Beach -- Strantwerpen is back in town.
    It is a summer bar hosted by the Velvet group. Strantwerpen is perfectly located on the Island of Antwerp (Het Eilandje), more specifically in the Westkaai en Kattendijkdok.Everybody is invited to enjoy this sandbox close to the water from April 30th until September 15Th. Located in the center of the city , the open bar, exotic terrace, the tempting white sand and design concept welcome you to embrace a whole new experience.

    Located on private property, the organizers are able to offer many different events. The objective is to create a vacation feeling in your own town. Weather you are a local, an expat or just visiting, it is the place to be on a sunny day!

    Visiting Strantwerpen is the ideal moment during the summer to relax. It is an exceptional venue and young, old, student and employee are welcome to enjoy the view, the sun, the rest combined with a snack or a drink during lunch, afternoon and/or dinner.

    A small warning though. Go early enough and make reservations for the lounge beds.  

Things to do in Antwerp FALL

Laundry Day
12 stages, 150 artists, Dj’s and live acts. Not all the names are published yet, but keep an eye on the website and you’ll know it soon enough.

The admission fee (at the time of writing) was 10 EUR. That’s 0,06 EUR per artist. That’s the deal of the century.

Things to do in Antwerp in WINTER

St Nicholas (Sint Niklaas) arrives on 6 December to visit good children. Shops abound with yummy treats such as marzipan, flat hard cakes known as ‘klaasjes’ and ‘speculoos’, a hard gingerbread molded in the form of St. Nicholas. And then the celebrations continue with the Antwerp Christmas Market. An absolutely magical event. There are wooden huts in the middle of the square selling all sorts of traditional specialities. You can sip mulled wine under the Christmas tree or try one of Antwerp's famous jenevers while warming up next to a cozy open fire.

Every year the city of Antwerp organises christmassy things to do, here is a list of what's usually on the menu:

  • Winter village
  • Indoor winterfair
  • Sunday shopping
  • Magical Christmas lights along the axis from Central Station to the Scheldt quays
  • Giant Christmas trees in Koningin Astridplein, Handschoenmarkt and Grote Markt
  • New Year’s fireworks: 31 December, Scheldt quays
  • Christmas tree bonfire,Antwerp-Linkeroever
  • New Year’s drink, Grote Markt

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