St. Anna Tunnel on Linkereover

Your first paragraph ...St. Anna Tunnel and the left bank are not on the typical sightseeing itinerary for most visitors to Antwerp. This 572 meter unique pedestrian passageway was built underneath the Scheldt in 1931-1933 to link the old centre with the left bank (Linkeroever).

It has been preserved in its original form with wooden escalators and old-fashioned warning signs.

It is located south from the Grote Markt on a small square called Sint-Jansvliet at the end of the Hoogstraat. The entrance is a yellow brick building that looks like an Art-Deco power station.

Take the original 30’s clanking wooden escalators go down 31 meters under the riverbed.

It’s a surreal adventure to go through this tube-shaped tunnel, lined with simple white ceramic tiles.

With it’s internal diameter 4.30 meters (external 4.74 meters) it is big enough for both pedestrians and bikes.

On foot it takes about 10 minutes to arrive at the left bank by bike - it's quite a rush. There you will find the best view of the cathedral spire, the medieval Steen Castle and city skyline. On your left you will see the cranes of the modern port.

This vista point is highly recommended at sunset when the warm sunrays illuminate the city while the city lights begin to turn on. The best option is to spend the day (or half) on the left bank and return right before sunset. Once you leave the Tunnel keep the Scheldt on your right and take the pathway along the river. Soon you will reach the Yacht harbor and Sint-Anneke beach. It’s a very pleasant walk or bike ride. Despite the tower blocks the view on the city is great and along the pathway there are many patios and an outdoor swimming pool.

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